Tutorial to Embed Discord Widget to WordPress Website For Free

Want to embed a Discord widget in WordPress for free? Learn how to do it by following the tutorial in this article

Updated on December 23, 2022
Tutorial to Embed Discord Widget to WordPress Website For Free

Why You Should Add a Discord Widget to Your Website

If you run a website and want some of your visitors to join you on Discord, consider adding a Discord widget to your website. Discord is a popular VOIP chat app that allows you to build your community and allows its users to communicate via text, voice, and video. So this article will show you tips on how to embed a Discord widget in WordPress for free.

Discord chat allows users to communicate through messages, voice calls, and video calls. By embedding a Discord widget on your WordPress site, you can give your users a way to connect. This widget shows your Discord server’s total number of members and provides invite links for new members.

Your WordPress users can join the Discord chat room using the free link provided by the widget, thus building a large community for your website. Let’s see how to add a Discord widget in WordPress.

In order to be able to embed the discord widget in WordPress, you need to visit the official Discord website. So you must create a Discord user account and a Discord server for your community.

Create a Username on Discord

If you don’t have an account yet, click the “Open Discord in your browser” button and open an account for yourself. You will be prompted to choose a username for your Discord account.

This will be your identifier so others can find you, but if you want, you can change your display name between servers.

Discord will then take you to the Channel page and ask for your date of birth. Enter your required details and select the ‘Next’ button.

Next, you will have to create your first Discord server. Now you can create your template or choose a pre-made template.

Create a Server to Add a Discord Widget to your Site WordPress

You will have to choose a “Server Name” for your Discord chat room. You can also upload an image to the server.

Once you’ve chosen a name and uploaded an image, click the “Create” button to create your Discord server. Finally, you will be asked to provide your email account and choose a password for your Discord account.

After providing these details, click the Claim Account button. For security now, Discord will now send an email to the account you provided to verify your details. So after confirming your account, your Discord server will be set up.

Embed a Discord Widget in WordPress

To be able to do this, you first need to select the arrow icon next to the server name.

Click the arrow icon next to your server; this will open a drop-down menu. From here, you must click on the “Server Settings” option to open the Discord server settings.

Moreover, on the Server Settings page, click the Widgets option in the sidebar. This will open the “Server Widgets” section, where you need to toggle the option next to “Enable Server Widgets.”

Check the option to enable the server widget. After that, scroll down to the “Premade Widget” section, and just below that, click on the “Copy” button below the “Premade Widget” option. So now paste this code to embed the Discord widget anywhere on your website.

Widget Embedded in a Website

First, you must go to the WordPress page and post where you want to embed the Discord widget. Then, select the custom HTML block in the block editor and paste the code.

After that, select the publish button to embed the Discord widget. This is what your Discord widget will look like on your WordPress site. See below a video with a complete and easy tutorial on embedding the discord widget in WordPress on our YouTube channel @Visualmodo.

WordPress Discord Plugins For Free

We have created this list of the top 3 best free discord plugins for WordPress, and we hope it will benefit you. Each plugin is good for support and rich in features. Moreover, all plugins work perfectly with all WordPress themes.

  • WP Discord Post Plus – The WP Discord Post Plus plugin integrates WordPress and WooCommerce on your website, so you can set up multiple channels for each blog post to be sent to a specific channel.
  • Connect MemberPress To Discord – The Connect MembersPress To Discord add-on will allow your subscribers to share their server tasks with their fellow MembersPress subscribers based on the membership level they currently have
  • Connect Paid Memberships Pro to Discord – Communicating in your online community is easy with Connect Paid Memberships Pro for Discord Addon, as it is a platform to let your members interact using Discord.


So if you want to build a community outside of your website, Discord widgets can help with that. They stand out and let your visitors know if they want more from you. We hope you learned how to embed Discord widget in WordPress for free with this tutorial. If you want, leave your questions or suggestions in the comments area.