UI and UX Design Trends for Enabling WordPress Mobile Apps

Plenty of updates are coming in the UI/UX design trends when it comes to the WordPress mobile app. That said, see the top design trends.

Updated on February 20, 2024
UI and UX Design Trends for Enabling WordPress Mobile Apps

Every day plenty of updates are coming in the UI/UX design trends when it comes to the WordPress mobile app. That said, the design Trends are affecting, and so businesses are now adopting customer personalization.

The current market size of the global UX and UI industry is $5308 million, which is expected to grow to $10956 million by 2022. In this guide, you will be getting an idea regarding the UI and UX Design Trends for WordPress Mobile Apps. So let us get ready for the discussion.

Dark mode for WordPress mobile apps

Around 81.9 percent of Android Authority readers are favoring the use of dark mode on their phones in-app. Most of the phone screens have been changed into dark mode themes. The dark mode found its introduction as a key feature update in Android 10 and iOS 13.

During mobile app development, you should always build a custom app with the built-in dark theme UI. So if you want the readiness in terms of user-friendliness, it is worth choosing the UI with the dark mode features.

The trend is now turning out to be beneficial because it ensures consuming less battery than traditional light. Moreover, the light emission in the dark mode does not cause strain to the eyes. It is essential for the use of whoever using the darker background.

The micro UI animations

The Handy and the small animations are now one of the latest UI trends. They are very helpful when it comes to providing visual feedback to the user. The micro animations ensure people get attracted to it. The micro UI animations can also be quite crucial when fitting all the necessary information on the small screen.

Alongside the involvement of WordPress mobile app plugins, this comes with plenty of features for the WordPress mobile app. A popular example of the practical use of micro animations is that the designers can also hide the social media icons behind the captivating animation. That said, interface design for the mobile application will be one of the most trending solutions in 2021.

Gradients in the app design

The use of the gradients turns out to be counterweight for the dark designs. With the utilization of the gradients or the color transitions, you can rest assured about adding versatility to it. It does not mean that you will have to stay limited to the two colors.

The UI designers are always tending to utilize a richer color palette for Native WordPress apps for both iOS and Android. Using the gradient can make sure that it will be a good feeling towards the user’s eyes.

The good customized UX design user interface with the utilization of the colorful gradient apps turns out to be the most amazing. Most importantly, the transitions between the two or more colors are also turning out to be the leading trend in UI design for 2021. Plenty of app developers favor the utilization of such design aspects.

Speech interface design for WordPress mobile apps

The mobile app UI and UX design trends are coming with the speech interfaces that are very popular across designing the smart house or the intelligent house. That said, it allows people to communicate with voice-enabled mobile browsing native apps.

You can also use voice assistants on tablets; smartphones are smartwatches. It can ensure building easy navigation to the resources of the devices. Also, the virtual assistants in WordPress blog apps find utilization within the app, making the interface more accessible and intuitive. What is turning out to be better is the utilization of artificial intelligence.

The UI design trend is drifting towards utilizing the speech interface in the apps because designing the smart interface is a wonderful idea for guiding the user. Around Twenty-two percent of consumers have mentioned satisfaction with the level of personalization that they get with the apps. 

Special UI/UX design for the disabled people

The year 2021 is now focusing on bringing the human-centered design that will be rendering convenient alongside giving the digital experience to disabled people. It’s worth noting that First impressions are 94 percent design-related.

UI/UX design will be paying attention to making the technology accessible for everyone. That said, you can also work to implement vibration-based responses in voice navigation to text coding Apps and other technologies. This mobile app trend is ensuring flexibility to disabled people who cannot hear or see. The utilization of the technology will ensure that more audiences will be ready to convert to regular customers. 

Modern data visualization

The traditional data visualization methods like the list for WordPress mobile apps. graphs tables are now becoming obsolete. For replacement of them, the extract data visualization for the app that is turning out to be quite tech-oriented has been the implementation of the extract data visualization.

These days the Mobile app designers are also giving the opportunity of displaying the product moving in all the directions that are helping in attracting the users while increasing the conversion rate.

The utilization of the brand-specific microcopy

Microcopy is turning out to be the new design option for 2021. That can allow giving the app a unique tone while also building a good relationship with the user. That said, you can impress visitors because it will be helping in conveying the message of the brand. While also standing out from the others. You can start revising the concept of the content of the WordPress native apps.

The goal of such text is always the creation of content that will be more like the dialogue. Rather than the formal text. You can also go with the addition of a touch of humor. But as a part of mobile app development companies, always make sure that the target audience has the right understanding regarding your brand without feeling offended. Based on that, you can get an increased return on investment. With the opportunity of reaching the target audience in less time.

Key Takeaways for WordPress mobile apps

With the utilization of the trend as mentioned above in WordPress apps. You can embrace realism as well as the geometry that can be a good hook for the User experience design. Besides, always pay attention to using vivid colors and geometric shapes that will focus on the application’s functionality.

The UI and UX trends across WordPress mobile apps are currently working. The best for the experience with the latest mobile news and trends.