Upcoming Mobile App Trends Of 2020

If there’s one thing we can be sure of in 2020. So, here are some of the upcoming mobile app trends hitting 2020 and beyond.

Upcoming Mobile App Trends Of 2020

If there’s one thing we can be sure of in 2020, it’s that everything is changing…and fast. As the tech sector continues to grow and innovate, so too does our approach to app development and implementing positive change into your design. So, here are some of the upcoming mobile app trends hitting 2020 and beyond.

What trends should we expect?

Upcoming Mobile App Trends Of 2020

Cloud Computing Upcoming Mobile App Trends

When it comes to business, collaboration is king. The ability to allow for cloud sharing through apps and smart devices can help make remote working easier and cut some of the frustrating faffs when it comes to teamwork, problem-solving, or content sharing between peers. Fully understanding the opportunities (and potential limitations) that cloud-development can play in your app is vital for the decade ahead.

Blockchain Security

Popularised by the rise of Bitcoin, blockchain is proving to be an innovative and highly effective tool when it comes to ledger management or data security. Highly popular in the financial sector, blockchain tech is set to be folded into apps moving forward – offering innovators a chance to get a leg up on their implementation if deployed carefully and responsibly.

Mobile Commerce

As Google, Amazon, and Apple lead the way with payment management and streamlining – M-Commerce is proving to be a useful tool for businesses or brands looking to streamline their engagement pipeline. Taking time to embed safe, secure, and GDPR compliant ways to take and make payments can add additional revenue streams when it matters most. Finding the right app design agency or provider to build a custom manufacturing software can help ensure that payment handling is managed correctly and provide a solution that protects your customers and ensures that your approach is optimized.

IOT Compliance: Upcoming Mobile App Trends

The Internet of Things (IoT) is inexorably on the rise and being able to interface with and control devices in your home and office are desirable in the short term and highly effective when it comes to future-proofing your product against industry trends. This can range from smart devices, home appliances, professional hardware, and more.

The rise of Low-Cod

One of the most disruptive trends facing the industry is the rise of ‘low-code’ development. Allowing professionals to take much of the legwork and complexity out of app and software development.

This can be advantageous for firms looking to easily scale. So, grow their apps and can make developing a bespoke system more manageable for businesses large and small. However, it will require that your in-house teams stay abreast of changes in the sector. Moreover, are able to apply their skills and best practice to new development platforms.

AR Functionality: Upcoming Mobile App Trends

An essential value adds for many sectors. Augmented Reality (AR) allows apps and platforms to extend the functionality of their device – and your software – with ease. This allows sectors such as healthcare, retail, tourism, construction, entertainment. More to bring your product and value proposition into the ‘real world’.

This can make interacting with your platform more fun and intuitive than ever before. Letting you increase engagement, conversions, and achieve key project goals.