Using Aggressive Writing to Attract Followers to Your Blog

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By Claudio Pires
Updated on September 10, 2022
Using Aggressive Writing to Attract Followers to Your Blog

In the blogging world, it pays to be brutal with your words. When writing blog posts, you should not mince words, especially when discussing sensitive issues with your blog readers, because when you tell it like it is, chances are that you will be respected and your controversial pieces shared by everyone. Using aggressive writing is an excellent strategy for building a massive blog audience and an honest way to attract followers.

One of the best ways of attracting more readers to your blog is through driving discussions with thought-provoking articles and intriguing content. So, if you want to add value to your blog and attract millions of followers to read your online publications, you should consider using aggressive writing. Here’s why.

Using Aggressive Writing to Attract Followers to Your Blog

Blog Readers Want To Feel Like You Are Talking To Them

Being aggressive in your writing does not imply that you employ abusive language or be disrespectful to your followers.

Does it mean you start fights with them with every post you publish? A negative and arrogant attitude on your blog will only put off most of your readers, and nobody would want any of that, especially since it is tough to win back an audience once you’ve lost them.

Aggressive Writing to Attract Followers
Aggressive Writing to Attract Followers – Blog and post-thinking

The point of having a blog is to amass more followers, keeping them entertained and eagerly waiting for your next post and not chasing them away. Therefore, the issue with being aggressive in your blog writings is to let your emotions show in your posts in such a way that connects you with your followers. You should never be afraid to let your blog readers know what you have in mind because speaking your mind will help them connect with you.

Even though you are not communicating face-to-face with your blog readers, speaking your mind to them without fear or favor shows them that you are human and they are not reading a post produced by a robot.

Your Opinion Is Valuable To Them; Be Aggressive With It!

The reason why your followers keep coming back to your blog is that they value your opinion. Chances are that your opinion probably helps them make essential life decisions. Blog followers will read and share your content with others because it is interesting, but mainly because it benefits them. In most cases, when they are on your blog, what they expect from you is that you will provide facts and figures and reasonable opinions guiding their next move in terms of what options they have.

For instance, if your blog focuses on reviewing kitchenware and you have compared several products in a post, your blog readers would want to know which products you have reached stand out and why. Also, they would like to know your choice if you had to buy any of those products. It would be useless for your blog followers to read just plain facts about the kitchenware and not know your opinion on what particular product you would prefer amongst those you have reviewed.

In fact, it is better if you state your product of choice blatantly because they will have more trust in your opinion and will keep coming back for more because you stand for truth, which is what you write aggressively about.

Aggressive Writing Increases Bonding With Your Followers

When creating your posts for your followers, and as we have already mentioned above, it pays to speak your mind and never hold back on your opinion. When you share your thoughts and feelings with your blog readers, even on highly controversial topics, chances are that you may inspire your readers to do the same. Your blog followers will also become vocal as they try to emulate your confidence in how you address issues without fear or favor.

Aggressive Writing to Attract Followers
Aggressive Writing to Attract Followers – Social Media

When you write an intriguing piece shared many times by your followers, it could be a sign that you inspire them to be as vocal as you, creating a bond between you and your followers. Plus, you can earn more in the long term. They will keep coming back to read your blog where you are not afraid to speak what is on their mind and can also relate to your thoughts.  Therefore, continue writing thought-provoking articles, and you will have your followers attracted to your blog, craving for the next piece.

Aggressive Writing Earns You Respect From Your Followers

Let’s agree on one thing: even though they may not like what you say to them, they will respect you for telling it like it is. To earn the respect of your followers, you don’t have to sugarcoat the plain truth. That will only make you fake loyalty. However, when you give your opinion on sensitive issues and do it respectfully without demeaning others, your honesty will stand out, and your blog readers will appreciate you.

Of course, some cannot stand the truth and will keep off your blog, but those you retain will be loyal followers and will engage you in all your subsequent posts. It is not easy to speak plainly about what people do not want to hear, but if you raise your voice to talk through your blog articles, someone will listen and appreciate you for doing what is right, even when it is not easy to do it. That is how you build true loyalty with your blog followers, and you will attract more readers hungry for that painful truth that is only available on your blog.

You Will Drive Discussion

The reason you set up your blog in the first place was so that you could have space to air out your personal opinion to the public. And it is not a must to discuss sensitive issues on your blog. Even a basic idea matters greatly because your followers will still read it. Even though they might not consider it seriously, it still has the power to drive meaningful discussion, and you will be happy you brought it up in the first place.

Once your blog followers read it, there is a chance that it could spark an alternative perspective, which could help steer the discussion forward. As more views are brought into the forum, more people will start contributing and feeding in the debate, keeping the blog readers engaged. That is how you build more followers with aggressive writing.

Honest & Real Content

There’s no way you can avoid speaking your mind. You will eventually fail if you try not to make it too transparent. You’ll write longer paragraphs for your favorite things and present them with more catchy words. You won’t even notice.

But this can affect the quality of your writing and can make it sound a little confusing. So it’s better if you speak your mind openly from the start. This will allow you to write comfortably and improve the quality of your posts.

Prove That You Care About It

People also want to follow people who are passionate about what they do. If you don’t bother to talk about your opinions, thoughts, and feelings, they won’t believe you care what you write.

It’s hard to be logical and impartial when writing about the things that matter to us. So people will notice.

Prove That You’re Not Talking With a Google Robot

Even if they’re not having a face-to-face conversation, your audience will want to know that they’re not reading a post written by a bot. And the only way to prove it is to add emotion and feeling – something no machine has ever been able to do before.

Final Words

Setting up a blog is not easy. While there are many ways of gaining followers for your blog, aggressive writing also effectively establishes a solid blog following. You will not only earn respect for your honesty, but you will also inspire them to be as vocal as you on sensitive issues. If you want your blog to have active members driving discussions, try aggressive writing and see how it will work out for you.

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