As a hotel or casino owner, you may already be offering valet parking services for your valued clients. You can enhance your establishment’s services by availing of valet parking software. It is composed of tools that allow you as the business operator to offer ticketless valet systems, well-documented car damage inspections, and easier credit card transactions. Availing of Valet Parking System – CVPS can do wonders for your business. Here’s how the system can benefit your company:

Valet Parking System Benefit Your Business


1 A high-tech valet parking system can increase your revenues.

When you maximize your valet system with the use of efficient software, it can help you earn more because of the following:

  • You’re able to lower your labor costs. Having your own valet parking system will remove the requirement of hiring managers and supervisors dedicated solely to overseeing the valet parking operations. The software can have full control of valet driver assignments and vehicle tracking, and these tasks will be much easier for you to monitor.
  • A digital valet parking system will attract more potential customers to patronize your hotel, as they will feel more confident to leave their vehicles with you. Having an automated valet parking monitoring system also elevates the image of your business. A better image can lead to an increase in your sales.
  • You’ll incur fewer risks for liability in terms of damages. When you have a valet system that runs more smoothly, you lessen the expenses involved in damages done to customer vehicles. Confusion in claiming and erroneous blaming of vehicle damages can be avoided more easily, as you’ll have a system that efficiently documents all vehicles and transactions.

2 An automated system will facilitate your efficient record-keeping.

In terms of recordkeeping and revenue monitoring, a valet parking system will remove all the unnecessary paperwork being done in conventional systems. All of your casino’s parking transactions are immediately logged onto a database for real-time data-gathering and analysis.

Moreover, the automated system facilitates billing and sending invoices to your clients’ accounts. If your hotel has client accounts, it would already be possible for you to integrate billings with your in-house client payment systems. Your clients’ valet parking fees will automatically be added to their respective membership accounts.

3 Having valet parking software gives you flexible options, depending on how you use the applications.

You can avail of the following conveniences when you have the software:

  • You can make use of ticketless systems. Due to environmental concerns, getting rid of tickets is becoming more popular nowadays. A ticketless system also lessens the risk of confusion, in case the paper tickets are misplaced by clients.
  • You can take advantage of photo-based systems. Like automated toll collection systems trending worldwide, a similar system may be used for valet parking. Install multiple cameras in strategic locations to take photos that are then recorded and logged for identification purposes.
  • Offer self-service options. You may opt for kiosk-style setups in hotel or business lobbies. All transactions can be handled at a self-service kiosk, including payment and claiming. This can likewise be integrated with a voice-activated system option.
  • You can sync with your clients’ mobile devices. Another alternative to replace paper tickets is to have your clients make use of their smartphones. Your clients can check important details such as location, timestamps, valet driver assigned, and parking fees through their phones. Even claiming and payment can now be done through any smartphone with Internet access.

4 You can protect your business from invalid damage claims in a better way.

With a top-of-the-line valet parking system, it’ll be easier for your security to track drivers and clients for a specific vehicle. At any point in time, you can check which of your valet drivers handled a particular vehicle. This is one benefit of real-time data being logged onto your company’s database. All employees who had interactions with a specific vehicle can be verified at any given time.

Moreover, you have real-time photo records of each vehicle as it enters your premises and as it is claimed. As aforementioned, the photo-based systems take multiple photos of every vehicle for identification purposes. In addition to this, the valet parking software ensures that you have complete photographic records that you can use later on if there are vehicle damage claims.

5 An effective parking software improves the satisfaction of your customers.

When you can show your clients how well you can guarantee their vehicle’s safety and take care of their parking concerns, you’ll increase your customers’ confidence in your business. You can remove the hassle of dealing with parking, as well as lessen your clients’ negative experiences from conventional valet parking services. This can be a strong advantage you have over your competitors.


Having an automated parking valet management system will greatly increase your business’s efficiency, and will remove the problems related to confusion between customers and valets. All these improvements will make it easier for you as the business owner to focus on managing the main operations of your business. Investing in a valet parking system for your hotel or casino is definitely worth it.

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