Vanity Phone Number for Your Website Business

Vanity phone numbers are easy for customers to remember, which also makes them better for brands to promote. See reasons to use it for your business

Vanity Phone Number for Your Website Business

Vanity phone numbers are easy for customers to remember, which also makes them better for brands to promote. Examples of toll-free vanity phone numbers are 1-800-CONTACTS and 1-800-FLOWERS. For the customer, there’s little guesswork because the wording relates so closely to the brand or product. Also, both of these 800 numbers have websites with the same name: and For these businesses, the vanity phone number has also served as an easy-to-recall URL. There are also vanity phone numbers that may not spell anything but that are catchy because of the sequence of numbers. For example, 1-800-123-4567 or 1-800-222-3333.

Vanity Phone Number for Your Website Business

Have you ever wondered how certain companies buy a vanity phone number for their business website? Vanity phone numbers are business phone numbers that are memorable and easy to promote. For example, 1500-FLOWER is a vanity toll-free phone number for a flower delivery service. The sequencing or spelling of vanity numbers makes it easier to promote in creative ways. Vanity phone numbers are also highly effective in building your brand image.

Professional Look

If you are a new business or are trying to build your credibility, a toll-free vanity number can be any easy way to convey to customers and prospects that you’re serious about your business.

Although many people have nationwide calling included with their mobile or landline phone plan, a toll-free number still communicates that you care for your customers and plan to be in business for more than a few months. Plus, toll-free numbers are affordable and can be integrated with most VoIP providers, which means you have technological flexibility over a local number. But remember, some people will look for a local number, so be sure to include that in your contact information, too.

Vanity Phone Number Is Memorable

I have no idea what my father’s cell phone number is, but do you know what I can rattle off at any second? The phone number for marketing software provider HubSpot (1 888 HUB SPOT, in case you’re interested).

It can’t really get easier than that, the entire phone number is the company name. Of course, if you don’t have a seven-letter name, you might have to be a little more creative when choosing your vanity telephone number. Fortunately, you can look up a vanity number here. No matter what you choose, a vanity number is easier to remember than a bunch of digits. Therefore, it is important to get a vanity phone number as soon as you start advertising your business. Because it’s easier to remember one or two things than 7.

Marketing Tools

Many businesses print their company name and phone number on vehicles they own. I just recently make a call to a plumber. Because I remember the vanity number of the side of his truck. However, I didn’t call the waste collection company with a regular number printed. Why not? The name and number just didn’t stick in my head.

So, I was so busy looking at those numbers that I completely missed the company name. When you can incorporate a key element about your business into a telephone number – like your name or what you do – your phone number becomes a marketing tool, reinforcing your brand.