Video Marketing is The New Black

Online platforms use video advertising to communicate clear messages, see marketing strategy tips for production brand video content

Video Marketing is The New Black

In the present era, videos are everywhere. Why? Because they look great on all platforms. Videos include text, images, music, and backlinks that make them more engaging and memorable. Platforms like websites, social media, and television use video advertising to communicate clear messages; see marketing strategy tips for production brand video content.

No medium other than videos contains such properties, so videos are king among all content types. Coming to the title…there is nothing wrong with saying – “Video Marketing is The New Black.” The ‘Black’ color denotes strength, power, elegance, authority, and sophistication. And the term “The New Black” used for video marketing in this post represents video marketing as a strong, powerful, worthwhile investment for your business growth.

Why New Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the most effective way of conveying a large amount of business information in a shorter time span. This is your portal to reach out to key consumers successfully. Most people do not prefer to read lengthy texts, but they are more likely to stop to watch an awesome video. The stats show that 63% of brands have started using video marketing, and 82% found it an essential part of their marketing strategy.

In this fast-paced world, video marketing is one of the hottest trends in online marketing. As many big brands have adopted this trend, video marketing is considered a rising star. The reason behind this hot marketing trend is the videos’ potential to reach millions of people worldwide.

Video is the preferred way of communication for customers, accounting for 78% of the online audience. This number continues to grow, with Cisco predicting that videos can account for 80% of all internet traffic.

If you’re not convinced of the video content’s importance, continue reading. Here are a few tips that show why you need to embed brand video in your content marketing strategy:

1. Easy to Process

The human brain can process a video 60,000 times faster than text. The human mind is hardwired to ignore demanding cognitive strain; that’s why your mind always opts for data that is easier to process. In this overloaded content world, videos are considered fresh air and easier on brains. This is why people love to view 2-minute clips instead of spending half an hour reading the same data in text form.

2. Faster to Produce with New Video Marketing

There is a misconception that video creation is challenging, expensive, and time-consuming, but this is not true. Building short video content is simpler than writing the same information in text form. There are many online video-making tools available online that make it easy and quick to produce videos. One of the best video content marketing tips is to pick a tool and use it to create impressive business videos quickly.

Video Advertising Production Strategy
Video Advertising Production Strategy

For example, Renderforest is a great video-maker tool people use to produce creative videos without wasting their essential time. All you need is a creative idea. Choose a template from Renderforest and embed your idea into that theme to create an amazing business video.

3. The Trust Factor New Video Marketing

Videos serve the best when it comes to inspiring and educating people or building your brand awareness. A number of people make their purchase decisions depending on product reviews or blog updates. The research has proven that 96% of customers find videos helpful when they make buying decisions online. Furthermore, 58% consider brands that create videos to be more trustworthy. Hence, maintaining a lively Video Help Forum makes it simpler for consumers to trust the brand and make final purchase decisions.

4. Use Facebook

According to the TechCrunch reports, video viewership on Facebook has doubled from 4 billion views per day to 8 billion in just 7 months. This means lots of advertising dollars. Facebook is introducing new features constantly to enhance viewers’ experience and to expand business growth. So this is high time to integrate Facebook into your business video marketing strategy for a good reason.

5. Boost Your Brand SEO

Search engines, including Yahoo, Google, and Bing, always support rich media, i.e., videos. It’s no wonder the videos you upload on different online channels can get a higher ranking than text information. Another factor that plays an important role in their success is – YouTube. The search engine Google owns YouTube and pushes videos often. The recent search features videos as a vital part of online marketing for better SEO.

6. Videos are Viral Options

People are much more likely to view, like, and share videos than other content forms. As per a survey conducted by MyCustomers, users are 27.4 times more likely to click through an online video ad than a standard banner. This shows that video content is the preference of most people across the globe. It makes video marketing an excellent tool for brands, companies, and marketers to share their product stories in a more pleasant way to attract and engage more and more target audiences. Introduce videos to your business marketing strategy now and start sharing your brand’s mission and vision with your audience for maximum outreach.

Video: The New Future of Marketing

The concept of video marketing has changed now. Gone are the days when viewers have to wait for free, relax, and download the video to watch it. The data shows now, over 9 out of 10 clients are viewing videos on their phones, laptops, and tablets, with almost 40% of 18 to 24 years old viewing videos more than 10 times per week. Video marketing helps you hold viewers’ attention and improve views on your video. It also plays an ideal role in memorably spreading your brand messages to influence your visitors more.

Video marketing is the future – the core and crux of the latest marketing strategy. Therefore, it is crucial to incorporate video in your brand marketing efforts to compete speedily.