Visual Composer Issues Solved WordPress Plugin

See here simple and effective ways to have this WordPress plugin working perfectly and fix all the WordPress page builder plugin Visual Composer issues

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
Visual Composer Issues Solved WordPress Plugin

The Visual Composer front-end editor is one of the best and crucial aspects of working with Total, so if it’s not working correctly it would be a bummer. Below are the basic steps to take to help fix any errors with the Visual Composer issues and get it running as it should! See here simple and effective ways to have this WordPress plugin working perfectly.

1. Re-Save your page can fix Visual Composer issues

First thing to try is top simply go to your page in the backend and re-save your page by clicking the “update” button. Then try the Visual Composer builder again and see if it’s working.

2. Make sure your theme and plugin is up to date

The reason most people have issues with the Visual Composer is because of Visual Composer plugin is not up to date. Please double check the changelog and make sure your versions match the latest versions available. Otherwise please update.

3. Disable All 3rd Party Plugins

The second reason most people have issues with the Visual Composer is because a 3rd party plugin is breaking it. Please disable any 3rd party plugins 1 by 1 (and clear the cache each time you disable a new plugin) then re-try the Visual Composer to see if it fixes the problem. If a plugin is breaking the Visual Composer it’s most likely due to a PHP error on the front end and you may want to enable WP_Debug to verify if that is the case, otherwise it’s probably an issue with the javascript being coded incorrectly.

4. Confirm your site and WP url’s are the same

If your site and WordPress URL’s aren’t the same it can cause issues with the Front-End not working on the visual composer, so please make sure they are the same. You would check this at Settings / General.

Visual Composer issues fix WordPress plugin

Visual Composer issues fix WordPress plugin

Why is this the case?

Iframes are blocked by browser rules – iframe actions cannot be made to the different url ( this is security reasons and CSRF issues XSS attacks ). it can creates the Visual Composer issues.

We cannot do anything there, only the way to make it work is to use a “patched” browser that allows unsecure actions within another domain iframe.

5. Missing Core Composer modules? Check your Settings

If you aren’t seeing all the available Visual Composer Modules please go to Visual Composer > Role Manager and double check that they are all enabled for your specific admin roles. If you aren’t sure how to do that please view our Video Guide.

6.  Front-End Editor Not Working? Make Sure Yoast SEO’s Redirect ugly URL’s setting is disabled

If you are using the WordPress SEO by Yoast and you have enabled the setting called “Redirect ugly URL’s to clean permalinks” it will break the Front-End and gives you Visual Composer issues. This setting shouldn’t be used in most cases anyway (as it clearly states). So make sure it’s disabled.

7. Check Your Browser Console To Fix Visual Composer Issues

If you are a developer you should be familiar with the Browser Console and it’s the best way to locate any errors that may be breaking the Visual Composer. Please check the Browser Console and if you see any errors you can screenshot and send me the screenshot via the ThemeForest comments and it will help me provide you with support in a timely manner. Most of the time any error in the Browser Console will show the URL where it’s coming from and it’s usually from a plugin so you can see which plugin is breaking things and de-activate it.

Visual Composer issues fix WordPress plugin

Visual Composer issues fix WordPress plugin

8. Check Plesk WordPress Security Settings

Not sure what Plesk is? Then please ignore this part…

Thanks to Donnie PixelCraft Studio for pointing this out. In the newer versions of Plesk there is a WordPress Toolkit which has some great options, however, if not setup correctly it could cause the Visual Composer from not working in the Front-End editor. So if you are using these functions, please double check to make sure they aren’t the cause of your problems.

9. Try with Another Username To Fix Visual Composer Issues

It may be worth testing with another username. So create a new admin user on your WordPress installation and see if it works with that new username. It could be an issue with the old username. If that is the case opening cmd.exe as administrator. Running ipconfig /flushdns may help fix the issue (thanks to WhisparDesign for the tip).

Important: While this troubleshooting guide can be used for any instance of the Visual Composer with any theme. Or any installation. While using the Visualmodo WordPress themes, which is 100% compatible with the plugin and you gain it. If you have not yet purchased our theme please learn more about it here. As a customer of the Visualmodo WordPress themes you will receive full support for the Visual Composer plugin. So if you need any help be sure to leave a comment on the item page or open a ticket. If the troubleshooting guide does not help you fix the problems you are having.

Visual Composer issues fixed by Visualmodo WordPress Themes

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