Visual Composer WordPress Plugin: Parallax Effect

Visual Composer WordPress parallax effects make a background fade with color or image. You can easily create backgrounds with WPBakery.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
Visual Composer WordPress Plugin: Parallax Effect

Visual Composer (WPBakery) WordPress plugin parallax effects make a background fade with appropriate color and background image. You can easily create a background effect with Visual composer row settings options. It’s so easy and handy work to do.

How to do a parallax effect?

Please take a look at the tutorial video 

To apply this effect, open a page, post, or front page of your site and edit with Visual Composer. you are free to use the back-end editor in the case you want, both systems work perfectly.

Now click on “Edit Row” and find the “Parallax” WordPress effect.

Open the editor
Parallax Effect On Visual Composer WordPress Plugin - Visualmodo Blog
Sear image

Now search for the image you want to add to the background

Design Options For WordPress Parallax Effects

  • CSS box: Firstly, you can add pixels on the margin, border, and padding with the CSS box.
  • Border color: Secondly, select border-color
  • Border style: Choose border style as dotted, dashed, or solid
  • Background: Finally, select a background color that blends with your background image.
Design options panel

Finally, click on “Save changes” and you’re good to go in order to make your Parallax effect on your WordPress site.

Effect example

See It In Action

As I said, we love Visual Composer so much that we built it into our top-selling WordPress theme (included free with your purchase). Moreover, have a look at the various pages on any of our live demos for our themes. Most of the pages you will see in our live demos were created with the Visual Composer! In addition, Adding backgrounds, headings, text, images, icons…etc. It’s all a “piece of cake”.

Where You Can Get Te WordPress Parallax Effect

Visual Composer (WPBakery) is available on CodeCanyon if you’d like to get it yourself. It’s also been completely integrated with our premium WordPress Themes (along with three other premium plugins for our themes value of $59 – which is more than what you pay for the theme!).


In conclusion, It’s easy to add a parallax effect with Visual Composer; you can add any color to your background or select an image for your background.

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