Visual Design WordPress Plugins

The best way to fill in the missing pieces is through plugins. This infographic will show you the best visual design WordPress plugins

Updated on September 29, 2022
Visual Design WordPress Plugins

While WordPress offers many features and flexibility, much functionality is still missing from the core software. The best way to fill in the missing pieces is to get the right plugins. This infographic will show you the best visual design WordPress plugins.

WordPress plugins offer all kinds of customization for site admins. However, with almost 40,000 options to choose from in the WordPress Plugin Directory, not to mention all the premium products available, it can be challenging to sort the good from the, well, not-so-good.

In quest of excellent plugins that will enhance the web design of your WordPress?

To help you save a lot of time searching – because let’s face it, there are plenty of awesome plugins out there – and deciding, you can start with these top 36 ones listed in this infographic they made.

You’re covered if you’re looking for image editing, web design, gallery, slider, social, optimization, fonts, video, or visual effects plugins. Simply select from this list and try one at a time. If it’s not what you’re looking for, you can quickly try another one.

Customizing your WordPress sure is time-consuming, but beauty takes time, right?

Borderless Visual Design WordPress Plugins

Visualmodo’s Borderless WordPress plugin is an excellent example of what visual web design can do. it adds extra features to your favorite website builder and page builder, adding widgets, templates, and blocks.

NextGEN Gallery Visual Design WordPress Plugins

NextGEN Gallery is another viral picture gallery plugin. It’s been around since 2008 and is downloaded nearly 1.5 million times yearly!

This is a powerful plugin while still being very easy to use. You can create three different types of galleries, including slideshow, thumbnail, and image browser galleries.

Within each of these gallery types, you’ll find a ton of different customization options to apply.

Whether you want to create a gallery for your graphic design work or a beautiful gallery for a client project, this WordPress plugin is worth checking out.

In addition to the free version of the plugin, you’ll also find various premium extensions that give you more functionality, such as:

  • Firstly, additional gallery display options
  • Secondly, professional Movie Gallery
  • Further scrolling and animation options
  • Image commenting and social sharing
  • image protection
  • Finally, eCommerce and payment integration for purchasing your designs.

Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin

If you’re a graphic designer who also creates WordPress sites for clients, you know how tedious it can be to create a client’s website from scratch every time. So, great use for the top visual design WordPress plugins.

Many designers start with a standard design that they modify. This includes WordPress installation settings, plugin settings, and more.

Whenever you need to create a new website for one of your graphic design clients, the Duplicator plugin automates and simplifies the entire process. Once you have the plugin installed, you must clone an existing site, which you can copy when starting a new project.

You can easily switch back and forth between the active site and the staging area when designing your website and using the site staging area. This plugin is a must-have tool for any web designer. Plus, it has over 1 million active installs and a 5-star rating.

Customizable WordPress Gallery Plugin – Modula Image Gallery

With Modula, it’s easier to create stunning lightbox galleries, masonry grids, custom grids, and more with just a few clicks from your WordPress dashboard.

Modula is the best WordPress gallery plugin for adding custom, unique, responsive galleries to your website. There is a free version of Modula (Modula Lite) and a premium version (Modula Pro) that you can use to add unique fast-loading galleries to your website.

Visual Design WordPress Plugins Infographic

Visual Design WordPress Plugins infographic
Visual Design WordPress Plugins

Visual Design WordPress Plugins

So here’s a collection of free and premium must-haves WordPress plugins that can help take your site from good to great. I’ve included options for everything in Visual-design. WordPress plugins can be added to a website with just a click of the mouse. You don’t need to hire somebody to get that functionality (quality and looks aside).

Do you have a favorite plugin from this list? Have we missed one that you think is essential for every WordPress site? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!