Wanna Build An Enterprise Website? Choose Drupal For The Same

Digitalization is the only way to market your products and keep your brand. See why you can choose Drupal for building an enterprise website.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
Wanna Build An Enterprise Website? Choose Drupal For The Same

With the vicious pandemic still looming over the world, it is without a doubt that the market of digital business has skyrocketed. As per Statista, more than 2.4 billion people are anticipated to purchase materials online in 2021. It is a clear indication that digitalization is the only way to market your products and keep your brand visible. In this article, we’ll share why you can choose Drupal for building an enterprise website.

Wanna Build An Enterprise Website? Choose Drupal For The Same

When you research, you will find that most of your competitors have already started the online sale of products and services. However, for the digital business to flourish, the website must be secure, scalable, and efficient. In this scenario, Drupal is the best robust solution for companies wanting to leave a mark. 

Why Drupal For Building A Dynamic Website?

Drupal is an effective program that multiple brands use for designing websites. Statistically, Drupal CMS is used to create and manage more than 1.7 million websites.

Here are the reasons why Drupal is a striking choice for the website development.

1 Drupal Is An Open Source Platform: Choose Drupal For Enterprise Website

One of the remarkable traits that popularize Drupal extensively is that it is a fully open source platform. It means that all the features and modules are accessible to the public. No one has to pay any type of license fee.

Moreover, Drupal also offers continued support from its community and maintains a wide range of extensions. Due to being an open source platform, Drupal development services for websites can be availed easily, making it easier for businesses to get their website built on Drupal.

2 Drupal Offers Multiple Features: Choose Drupal For Enterprise Website

The wide array of features makes Drupal more enticing for website development. Some of these characteristics include multilingual support, different currencies, multiple stores, tax calculations, coupons, stock management, etc. These are only some of the features that Drupal offers. As you start exploring the platform, you will find more beneficial features.

3 Drupal Provides Complete Control Over The Codes

One of the significant reasons that developers prefer Drupal is the getting full control over the website’s code. It allows you to change or modify the code as per your requirements. 

To add in more functionality, you can edit the code and integrate the services with ease. Customization from both the back-end and front-end of the website is now possible.

4 With Drupal, You Can Implement a Content-Driven Website

Drupal is useful for designing an efficient website that is responsive and simple to manage. For instance, brand professionals can easily upload a blog to the site without running into any issues. Moreover, brand owners can monitor and organize the available products while adding new ones.

5 Drupal Is Remarkably More Secure Than Any Other CMS

Enterprise websites require tight security to ensure maximum protection for the customers with their personal information. This is something that when you hire a Drupal developer, you may have to ask them to take into consideration and tell them to add enhanced security features to their clients’ websites.

Drupal offers security in two distinct ways. The platform is, in fact, designed with different in-built safety features. Secondly, there is a dedicated security unit that constantly monitors technical issues. The security team releases transparent updates that all developers can use for their websites. It is to offer adequate protection against potential cyber threats.

Choosing Drupal is a brilliant business move. It is a well-tested, robust platform that has been used by developers for a long time. In fact, more than 50,000 stores use Drupal as the foundation of their website. The most recent version currently has more than 12,000 installations.

7 Drupal Is Very Much SEO Friendly

In the world of marketing precuts, SEO is highly critical. However, business owners often face difficulties when it comes to integrating SEO within the website. But, with Drupal, this is not an issue anymore.

In Drupal modules, you will find XML sitemap, path auto, taxonomy term and meta tag. Utilizing these will significantly aid the websites to improve its ranking on different search engines.

8 Drupal Offers Multilingual Support: Choose Drupal For Enterprise Website

The global network makes Drupal one of the primary reasons that developers seem to be so fond of it. Consumers prefer brands that provide them consistent performance and audience-oriented services. In fact, as per studies, 44% of virtual users prefer websites that are in their native language.

Language is a dividing factor; brand owners should take appropriate measures to provide their content to all linguistic groups. The best way to reach demographics across the world is to offer multi-language support on the website. It will make your site user-friendly and increase sales considerably. The easy integration of multilingual functionality makes Drupal the best choice.

9 Easy Customization Options In Drupal

Drupal offers intricate scalability and flexibility in terms of customization. For instance, you can edit the product display, check out pages, administrative interfaces, shopping cart pages, etc.

The scalability of Drupal aids the budding businesses. These companies can initially start with the basics and then add functionalities as they grow. Ultimately, you can create an extensive, reliable, and effective website that makes you stand apart from the others in the market.

10 Drupal Is Easy To Integrate With Third-Party Services

Drupal allows easy integration of third-party services into the website. This improves the quality of the website for the users since they get extra features. This can increase customer reach of brands when more consumers are interested to try the service.

For instance, you can integrate analytics series such as Google Analytics Integration or payment gateways like PayPal. Moreover, you can also incorporate live chat, social media platform buttons, and many more.

Choose Drupal For Enterprise Website: Conclusion

With a wide array of features, Drupal is the favored choice for most business owners wanting to go digital. The trend of digitalization is here to stay. It is certain that in the post-covid era, the rate of virtual business will only increase.

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