Ways to Make Your Workstation More Inspiring

In this article, you'll see the best and most effective ways to make your workstation more inspiring and gain a boost on your performance

Updated on July 25, 2022
Ways to Make Your Workstation More Inspiring

Do you look around your current work station and feel completely uninspired by what you see? Tired of the same décor, the same pencil holder, the same everything? How about the fact that you want to inspire other people with your workstation but in its current state – that is not happening.

People spend a large portion of their time at their work stations, whether that work station is in an office setting with other people, or they work from home and they have a work station set up in their home office. If you work in a career field that requires you to spend eight or more hours a day at your desk, wouldn’t that get a little boring and bland to you after some time? You want your workstation to be an extension of your personality. You can use your workstation to showcase your creative side with DIY artwork or pieces purchased in support of local artists.

Ways to Make Your Workstation More Inspiring

Whatever the case, you want your workstation to inspire you, inspire others, and invoke a feeling of accomplishment and joy whenever you sit down to it in the morning.

Get Clean To Make Your Workstation More Inspiring

There is nothing that can damper motivation and inspiration faster than when your workstation or home office is a mess. It doesn’t have to be a mess in terms of garbage and whatnot but it is untidy with stray papers here, a pen there, a highlighter all the way over there, file folders back there somewhere.

Take the time to tidy up your desk and find that the blank surface is perfect for inspiring new ideas! Use desktop tools such as expandable filing folders, writing utensil holders, paper trays, and even invest in some brightly colored sticky notes for not only a pop of color but also jotting down those ideas that come in a flash. As a result, good ways to make your workstation more inspiring.

If you are going to have people approaching your workstation during different intervals throughout the day, for example, if you are a teacher, then you want to protect your paperwork and artwork. That is where a laminator becomes very handy as it protects important papers, documents, and your inspirational artwork with a layer of heavy plastic. You can spill liquid on laminated papers, and if it’s done correctly? Then you have no worries – just dry it off and go back to work! That is why it is a must if you are a teacher, especially of younger students, to protect your class syllabus and more. Check out this top rated laminator for teachers before you move to the next section!

Artwork, Artwork, and Artwork

Want to inspire yourself and others during the working day? Then use office artwork to draw people into your atmosphere and into a conversation. Choose a color scheme that suits your personality and work station, choose different mediums such as wall hangings, framed rock art, and even mosaic art to brighten up your workstation. As a result, good ways to make your workstation more inspiring.

Look for motivational posters and quotes to frame, display, and inspire as well. Can’t find what you are looking for? Then make it yourself! Take your favorite motivational quote and print it on a bright background using photo paper, use a board mat within the frame, and display it proudly. Good with a needle and thread? Then why not use needlepoint to create motivational sayings that can be displayed around your workstation.

Go Green

Another way to definitely inspire not only yourself but others. In terms of your workstation décor is to bring a piece of nature to the office walls. Place plants in brightly colored pots on your desk (just not too close to the edge where it can be knocked off and broken) or on the windowsill behind your work station. So, good ways to make your workstation more inspiring.

Choose plants that can survive in different lighting conditions and with minimal fuss such as a spider plant. Or an Aloe Vera plant (also quite handy for when you need a quick moisturizing fix!). You can even choose seasonal plants to mark a new beginning! Think poinsettias during the Christmas season and brightly colored pansies during the spring! Bring a touch of fall into the office with a burning plant that has brightly colored leaves and foliage. Not only can this improve your air quality around your work station. But you are also able to stop and smell the plants when the urge strikes.

Make Your Workstation More Inspiring Conclusion

You don’t have to go crazy and spend a ton of money to upgrade your working into an inspiring oasis. You simply need to change around some things that can be done at your own pace. One week, add new motivational posters and artwork; the next week? You can swap out your existing desktop accessories for new or redone. If you do work in an office setting with other people at your employer’s home base. So, always double-check before adhering anything to the walls, desk, and whatnot as there could be policies regarding this!

Treat your work station as an extension of your work, take pride in your work station. Gain confidence from your workstation. Watch as others take this inspiration from you to redo their own work stations. To suit their personality and creative side.