So your website has plenty of traffic, and that is always a good thing. That means your online marketing is working just fine and are bringing in audiences. However, if sales aren’t picking up despite the decent number of people checking your site out, you might want to make some tweaks to your web design that drives sales.

On the surface, web design may be concerned with how a website looks, but it does more than just make a site pretty. It can also be used to make an impact on potential buyers and the choices that they make. A visitor can assess what you have to offer in just a few seconds, and along with SEO solutions, your web design plays a crucial role in helping that person make the decision to either buy whatever it is you’re selling or move on to another site.

10 Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales

10 Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales
10 Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales


A webmaster can have many reasons for putting up a website, and getting conversions is at the top of that list. Anyone signing up for your newsletter, filling in a contact form, or registering for a webinar is a win, but getting people to buy your product or service is the ultimate conversion, and your web design will have a lot to do with it. Here are some web design tips that will help drive sales.

Keep the contact form short

Few people like filling out forms, much less long ones. Just limit the information you’re asking for to names, email addresses, and zip codes. Keeping your signup form short and sweet is going to encourage more people to give you information willingly.

Use color psychology

Colors can be a powerful tool in web design, and they can be used to elicit a reaction from visitors that would hopefully lead to a conversion. Color psychology is all about understanding the values and emotions associated with colors and putting them to good use in your web design. Red, for example, creates a sense of urgency and would be great for pages promoting clearance sales.

Make your Call-to-action (CTA) button stand out

Your Call-to-action or CTA button is the one aspect of your website that literally invites people to contact or buy, so it’s important that your visitors never miss it. So give it more prominence on your website by putting it above the fold. Giving it a color that gets attention like red would also help.


Testimonials will go a long way in convincing visitors that your product or service is worth their while. If your testimonials come with full names and pictures of the customers making them, then that would help establish authenticity and credibility.

Show off those badges

Don’t be too shy to display the trust, security, and awards badges that you have received over the years. Badges can give you credibility and help you gain the trust of your visitors, and that could lead directly to conversions.

Put up a video

Many people don’t have the time or the patience to read written content. A video about your business and its offerings should catch their attention as it’s easier to digest. However, make sure the video is short and sweet, like two to three minutes long.

Offer freebies

Have you met anyone who doesn’t like free stuff? Probably not. Everyone loves freebies, so give some away and make your visitors happy enough to give you the conversion that you want. It could be a free subscription, a free trial, or free shipping, all of which can catch the attention of visitors, including those who are just casually checking out your site.

Make navigation easy

10 Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales
10 Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales


The longer a visitor stays on your website, the better your chances of getting a sale. However, the length of time they spend on your site will depend heavily on how easy it is to explore it. So organize the navigation bar and sitemaps better to make your visitors won’t get lost and frustrated navigating your site, and they will stay on it a bit longer and possibly purchase something.

Write clear headlines on landing pages

Many people make decisions based on the headline they see on a landing page, so make sure that it’s well-written and sums up what your visitors will get from your product or service. A concise and clever headline gives you a much better chance of drawing in your readers.

Make your site responsive

10 Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales
10 Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales


Mobile users have long outnumbered desktop users, and most, if not all of them do their online shopping on their smartphones and tablets. You wouldn’t want to miss out on that, so if your site doesn’t have a mobile version yet, then work towards getting it done.

These are just some of the ways you can tweak your web design to drive sales. Implement these changes to your website now and improve your chances of getting your sales figures right where you want them.

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