Overlooking the importance of good web design is a mistake that many businesses make, but if you think that small imperfections don’t matter, you could be in for a nasty surprise. To prove just how vital a well-designed website can be in the 21st century, here are a few thought-provoking web design statistics to take seriously into account and the reasons that they are so impactful.

Why You Should Take Web Design Statistics Seriously?

Web Design Statistics And Why You Should Take Them Seriously

Page load speed must be optimal

By now most people know that the longer it takes for a website to load, the less satisfying the experience of using it will be. Although there is no hard rule for this, Google’s John Mueller has confirms that a target load speed of fewer than 3 seconds should be a target, with 2 seconds or less being better still.

Meanwhile, a site that is poorly designed and thus sluggish in terms of performance will suffer from a higher bounce rate than one which is lean, mean, and well optimized to load quickly. One 2019 study found that sites still take an average of around 10 seconds to load on desktop devices, while on mobile this figure rises to almost 30 seconds, meaning that there is serious room for improvement in many cases. As a result, you should take the web design statistics seriously.

Ugly layouts stifle engagement

The layout of your site should be carefully orchestrated to catch the attention of visitors and keep them on board for as long as possible, but more than a third of people will be disinclined to engage if the way you present your content is cluttered, clunky, outdated or generally rough around the edges.

While web design trends change regularly, you need to make usability a core tenet of your layout; in short, avoid jumping on short-lived bandwagons and instead keep things simple where possible. So, you should take the web design statistics seriously.

With the help of an experienced agency like Parachute Web Design (Toronto), businesses can invest in making improvements to their sites so that user-friendly design and performance are into every element.

Once again looking at bounce rates can help you to see whether. Not you are dealing with a layout-related engagement problem. This also means you need to focus on more than just making your landing pages look good. Moreover, ensure that if visitors head to other parts of your site. They are just as pleased with what they find there in terms of aesthetical impact and general user-friendliness.

Why You Should Take Web Design Statistics Seriously? A mobile-first approach is necessary

It is now an unavoidable fact that more than half of all site visits are out from portable devices. Like smartphones and tablets. This is once again something you can check for yourself. By looking at the analytics relating to your site and seeing the different types of hardware. Browsers that visitors are using to view it. finally, you should take the web design statistics seriously.

Therefore, having a website that is from the ground up to look great on mobiles. So, is something that every business needs to aim for. The statistics do not lie and mobile browsing is still a growing trend. So this will only continue to expand its influence going forwards. With good web design, you should be ready for whatever the future holds.

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