Web hosting is a term coined for the service for hosting websites. There are numerous web hosting services and are of various kinds. Like you can host website on your own server or you can buy a hosting space from some host.

What is a web hosting?

Hosting is not much different than running a website on a local machine. When we say hosting services gives space it actually means they give you a machine, can be a virtual machine, just like your computer but the difference is that machine has a public IP. So when, any computer on internet request for the some domain, dns lookup send the IP to your computer and then browser sends the request to that IP.

What is web hosting and how it works?
What is web hosting and how it works?


How it works? You buy a space from host, which gives you an environment(OS) pre installed, *NIX or Windows, you run the Apache, web server, as you do on your local computer. Of course you need to change some configuration, not going in details question for some another day. You buy a domain, point it to this IP address. Thats pretty much it in a very simple language.

practically: web hosting is transferring your local files (website developed) to a remote site or server (hosting server) and if there’s database use, configuring the database provided on the hosting platform and importing the local database into the hosting server’s database provided for you. also hosting servers are just remote servers on the internet that mapped to a particular domain record. in most cases the A-record of the domain maps to the address of the hosting record so that when users type website address, the domain is resolved and your content shows on the user browser.

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