What Are Some Apps Everyone Can Benefit From Using?

know some apps that everyone can benefit from using; how many apps do you have on your smartphone? Some apps come in-built, while others we

By Larissa Lopes
Updated on June 28, 2024
What Are Some Apps Everyone Can Benefit From Using?

know some apps that everyone can benefit from using; how many apps do you have on your smartphone? Some apps come in-built, while others we download from the AppStore to suit our various needs. Phone applications can help you call or text, while others allow you to email, navigate, or receive information wherever you are.

For some, when they hear about phone apps, they may think of entertainment or gaming apps such as Candy Crush or Temple Run. However, this article focuses on phone applications with tangible benefits, enabling you to work positively on changing your life and the world.

Developers create several apps every day; some make sense, while others may not be as useful to us. This is because we may see the world differently from the developer. Therefore, it is up to each individual to determine which app helps them before downloading.

The challenge is sorting through the above 6 million apps from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. So, we have compiled a list of 12 useful apps that can benefit you regardless of where you live.

1 – Evernote that everyone can benefit from using

Maybe you have not heard about Evernote if you are not an organizational person. Let me break it down to help you understand the value of this app. Evernote app allows you to organize your photos, thoughts, and notes into a list for easy execution.

Are you planning an event but struggling to memorize every aspect of how you want it? Evernote will allow you to take pictures of venues and save them for references.

It also allows you to record a note-to-self or save an inspirational article from the web. If you want to retrieve an article or a note you save, you can simply type-associated keywords or a word with the article or picture.

Do you often lose your business cards or want to track them successfully? Evernote enables you to take a photo of each card and save it. You can then retrieve them every time you look for a client’s contact. With Evernote, you can catalog all your relevant details and lists in one place.

This can revolutionize how you do things to save time and enhance your productivity. You will not fumble as you look for details that could be lost. Furthermore, you can also backup your Evernotes on Google drive for easier access even if your phone is stolen or is spoilt. While Evernote is a great app, it’s not for everyone. Most of its useful features are only available on the premium plans, which are quite expensive compared to other note-taking apps. So if you find that a tool like Evernote meets your overall needs, but is too expensive, it might be worth exploring Evernote alternatives that offer more affordable prices.

2 – Budgeting apps

Not everybody is a master at managing money. Unfortunately, poor money management is the number one cause of debt problems and bankruptcy. If you struggle with managing money, a budgeting app could come in handy.

Apps such as YNAB, Mint, Simplifi by Quicken, PocketGuard, and Personal Capital can help you plan your disposable income and spending, allowing you to control your money. So, these apps can be connected to your credit cards and bank account, enabling you to categorize your spending to meet your budget needs.

The AppStore and Google Play Store have numerous helpful budgeting apps to help you budget with your hard-earned cash. However, before you download one of these apps, you can research and check their reviews to see if they meet your budget requirements.

Budgeting apps can help you save money, which most people struggle with. Depending on their weight, you can prioritize expenditures, meaning your most pressing bills are sorted before your income is exhausted.

Budgeting apps can also help you get out of debt since you can account for every dollar and make necessary adjustments to pay your debts.
We all must keep our finances to attain financial freedom. Budgeting apps give you the power and control over your money, rather than allowing money to control you. Plan for every shilling and make informed financial decisions for your future.

3 – Banking apps that everyone can benefit from using

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, banking apps have evolved from novelty to necessity. Many people now prefer to access their money in their homes. Initially, banking apps were touted for convenience, allowing you to access your bank account from your smartphone.

Banking apps are ideal banks in your purse or pocket. You can transfer or withdraw funds anywhere in the world. They also enable you to save money or request a loan without physically visiting your bank. Another advantage of a banking app is that you can access bank services even during odd hours when bank call centers are not working.

Banking apps have become sophisticated, with many consumers turning to mobile banking as their preferred banking method. You can easily optimize your money through banking apps, allowing you to automate savings and bill payments. Like budgeting apps, banking apps can help you keep a tight grip on your money.

However, since you have access to your bank in your pocket, you need self-discipline not to spend your money carelessly. You can set withdrawal and spending limits with your banking app to avoid unplanned expenses.

4 – Shopping apps

As the cost-of-living skyrockets at an exponential rate globally, you will undoubtedly be looking for ways to reduce your shopping expenses. Shopping apps can come in handy to help you save money by providing you with the best deals near you. In addition, shopping apps also offer cashback, deal alerts, and digital coupons, allowing you to save on grocery and other shopping.

Deals often don’t last long, but a shopping app can help you take advantage of these deals while stock last. In addition, these apps will show you which shopping malls in your area have the best prices for different products.

Shopping apps can help find promo codes online or download in-store coupons that you can scan to access the best prices. So take advantage of the cashback and save money for shopping.

5 – Charity apps that everyone can benefit from using

The world is broken and needs fixing through practical and sustainable actions. Several organizations are taking the lead in tackling various humanitarian crises such as global warming, hunger, refugee, and disasters.

However, we can be active participants to help make a change by downloading one of these charity apps and helping raise money to tackle the crisis. Interestingly, some of these apps do more than provide a platform to raise money; you could use them as fitness apps to track your movements.

Giving is also therapeutic; as the holy book says, “there is more happiness in giving.” Some of these apps include Charity Miles, Be my eyes, My life as a refugee, Acts of Kindness, Tree planet, Good on you, and more. So instead of playing Candy Crush and whining over the world’s problems, you can take positive action by doing something.

The planet has sustained us for years; it is our time to use technology to support it. Human actions and inaction have been blamed for the current global crisis, and human actions can help salvage it.

6 – Fitness apps that everyone can benefit from using

Obesity and lifestyle diseases are becoming a plague in the world. People are eating poorly and living sedentary lives to the detriment of their health. Nevertheless, you can take charge of your health and fitness by downloading a fitness app. These apps can motivate you to start exercising, change your diet, and adopt healthy habits like drinking water.

Are you struggling with weight but do not have the motivation to make needed changes? A fitness app could be your answer. You will receive notifications to start small by walking, jogging, and running. Furthermore, each time you complete a challenge, you are rewarded.

Some of these fitness apps have a meal plan to help you eat healthily. Take full advantage of these meal plans to change your diet. Additionally, you can join communities that come with these apps and meet like-minded people for encouragement and motivation.

7 – Cleaning apps that everyone can benefit from using

Cleaning can be a challenge for many households. Germs may accumulate on surfaces within your house and cause diseases. You may think you have cleaned a surface recently, but it has taken weeks since you cleaned that surface. If you procrastinate cleaning, a cleaning app will give you reminders.

A cleaning app can organize your rooms in order and should clean them. Once you are done cleaning one room, you tick, and the app records the date and time of completion. This way, keep track of the surfaces you have cleaned.

Additionally, some cleaning apps can also help you master the art of organizing and decluttering your closet. Many people have many clothes they do not need, but they are afraid of letting go.

Cleaning apps can help with the motivation to eliminate them. You can also use a cleaning app as a shopping app, reminding you of things you must buy and the ones that have expired that you must throw away.

8 – Entertainment apps

We all need time to relax after a day or week of hard work, and entertainment can help us in this regard. AppStore and Google Play Store have numerous entertainment apps ranging from gaming apps to apps that enable you to stream movies.

Today, you can stream a movie from your phone using various apps such as YouTube, IMDb, or Netflix. You do not need to buy a CD, run to a movie shop, or visit a movie theater to relax with your family. So, in the comfort of your home, you can stream a movie and enjoy a good family time.

If you are more of an old-fashioned good ol’ gamer, you could try some games for entertainment! Whether it be video games or digital versions of your favorite physical games, such as Fair Go casino login Australia, you can certainly have a blast!

Do you love stimulating your brain with challenging mobile games?

Developers have an array of apps that can do just that. For example, you could download apps like world puzzle that help you learn facts you could otherwise not know.

However, be careful not to interfere with your everyday life. For example, video games on phones are often addictive, and you could waste valuable productive time playing instead of working. You could set time on the weekend for entertainment so that you do not use up too much of your valuable time just on entertainment.

9 – Language learning app that everyone can benefit from using

Learning a new language can be fun and improve your cognitive functions. If you have the goal of learning a new language, you can download a suitable app to help you. For instance, the Duolingo app helps millions learn a language of their choice at a pace they prefer.

You select the language and daily goals you should meet. The app will notify you daily so that you do not lose track of studying and practicing.

Some developers even organize seminars and community meetings to encourage one another. So, if you have been postponing learning a new language, the arrival of language learning apps is a significant boost to keep you on track.

Apart from the language, apps can also help you learn other subjects such as math, physics, and more. You can have a classroom on your phone and set a time to study each topic. You will even get some reading material to improve your learning experience.

10 – Time management apps that everyone can benefit from using

Time wasters and distractions are everywhere you turn. Everything seems to clamor for our attention, causing stress with deadlines to meet and less time to fit tasks. Time-management apps can help us allocate time for every job and follow through on the allotted time.

It is not enough to have a watch; we need reminders of the next thing on the to-do list. Time can go without proper planning, and procrastination can creep into our schedule.

Remember, the most critical resource at your disposal is time. There is a common saying time is money because of its value, but we say time is more valuable than money because it will never come back once you lose it. Therefore, spend it wisely.

Some of the time management apps you can install on your phone include Rescue Time, Focus Keeper, Remember the Milk, Toggle, Dropbox, Forest, etc. So, if you are to succeed in any endeavor, you must properly manage your time. Consider the review of each app to see which one has the features you need.