What Are Tactics in Marketing?

A marketing plan typically consists of strategies and tactics to accomplish the predefined marketing goal. Check more at this article.

What Are Tactics in Marketing

A marketing plan typically consists of strategies and tactics to accomplish the predefined marketing goal. Many of us tend to interchangeably use the terms, tactics, and strategies. However, both are not identical; they have different meanings.

Thus, we strongly feel that most of us have misunderstood both the terms, including even the clients who seem to be least bothered about this misunderstanding. Partly, this is likely because the strategy is taken as the catchphrase by management teams to infer it as some stealthy, superior knowledge.

While the meaning of strategy may be clear to some that of tactics is likely to overlap. So, let’s understand marketing tactics clearly in this post.

What Do You Mean by Tactics in Marketing?

What Are Tactics in Marketing

A tactic means a meticulous plan of action towards the accomplishment of a specific goal. In other words, tactics are planned ways of doing something. They are practical things that a marketer will be doing daily.

To be more specific, they are usually in the form of a series of actions or methods aimed at advocating the goods and services of a business. The typical goal, in general, is to maximize sales and revenue and sustain a competitive product or service.

According to businessdictionary.com, “Good marketing tactics typically result in substantial customer satisfaction while facilitating the business in focusing its limited financial resources in the most efficient manner to maximize the effective promotion of its products.”

Marketing executives can perform a variety of marketing tactics such as distributing promotional products, writing blog posts, sending and replying to e-mails, and interacting via social media platforms, making appointments, and giving an ad on TV or radio.

So, Then How Marketing Tactics Differ from Strategies?

If there is a strategy but no tactics, the marketing plan is just not going to help in obtaining traction in the teeming, noisy marketplace.

According to JookSMS A strategy refers to a powerful all-embracing vision that reflects the intention to fulfill the set goals and objectives. It is a plan that makes sure that all the daily activities that are tactics contribute to the period set business goals (weekly, monthly, and annually).

So, marketing tactics are actions, while strategies are plans. Tactics indicate how the strategy would be. A marketing strategy refers to an idea of how to achieve a specific goal. While a marketing tactic refers to an action to implement the strategy.

A Real-Life Example of Tactics, Strategy, and Goal

To understand marketing tactics better, let us take a real-life scenario featuring a too simple goal.

Goal: Increase sales by 30% by the year’s end

Probable Strategy: Drive traffic to the website, encourage more orders from the prevalent customers

Probable Tactics: Post Facebook ads during meal times. Show TV ads in the evening and at night, add website URLs to TV and social media ads. Moreover, sponsor upcoming popular local events, share videos on Twitter. E-mail new offers and referral deals to existing customers. In addition, start 20+ conversations with the target audience daily on Twitter, and increase the free-delivery limit.

What Are Tactics in Marketing Conclusion

Marketing tactics are actions that support a decided marketing strategy. They both are not the same.