What Is the Purpose of a Favicon and Does it Hold Any SEO Value?

Favicons are serving a much wider purpose. In this article we'll explore the purpose of favicon usage and this icon usage SEO value.

What Is the Purpose of a Favicon and Does it Hold Any SEO Value

You have definitely seen those small icons at the top bar of your browser, near the name of the website. They are called favicons, and the term comes from what was known as the “favorite icon”. Favicon original purpose was to appear whenever you bookmark something and help you with finding it faster since the human brain tends to process images quicker than it does with texts. In addition, favicon adds SEO value.

But the original plan quickly changed and favicons are serving a much wider purpose. Of course, those who have not put a lot of thought might disregard this sentiment completely. But the reality is quite different. If you believe that favicons are nothing more than small pictures, this article will change your mind.

Favicon Purpose SEO Value

What Is the Purpose of a Favicon and Does it Hold Any SEO Value

Creating One

Before we dive into the more complicated matters, it would be worth mentioning that pretty much anyone can create a favicon, even if they have no experience with graphic design. All you are going to need is a generator.

That is correct. You can look at the guide by Oberlo.com and pick a favicon generator you believe to be the best. Of course, you can always take a different route and create everything yourself. Or even hire a professional designer if you want the best possible result.

It is also worth mentioning that most favicons are just a smaller version of a regular logo. After all, why fix something when it already works, right? Reducing the size is pretty much all it takes, so if you have a logo, you might want to use it as a favicon.

Brand Recognition Favicon Purpose

In this day and age, every business cares about brand recognition more than anything else. As long as people notice them, everything is going to be fine. So it is no surprise to see so many entrepreneurs cooperate with influencers and reach as many people as possible.

Of course, the brand itself would not be recognizable without its symbols. Favicon is one of those symbols and it holds a significant value. Why?

Well, whenever people visit a website, they are bound to notice a favicon, especially a well-designed one. Also, now you see favicons next to website URLs in search engines like Google as well. So all in all, they work wonders for spreading brand awareness.

Credibility Purpose Using Favicon

While this particular point might seem like a bit of stretch to some, never underestimate the smarts of an average person on the internet. Even if some of the internet users appear to not be the brightest, they are learning all the time.

After browsing numerous websites, they get used to seeing a favicon pretty much all the time. So a missing one might come as a negative surprise to them, meaning that the opinion about your website could end up in a gutter.

And it will happen, with more than just a single person. As these things build up, your overall credibility rate is going to plummet.

Returning Visitors

Whenever someone visits your website for the first time, there might be an unforeseen circumstance that makes them exit the browser. But that person bookmarks the page, with intent to return sometime in the future.

The problem is, if they have a lot of bookmarks already, it might be difficult to remember the website just by its name. On the other hand, if your favicon was memorable, it will be much easier to remember what the website was.

SEO Purpose Of Favicon

Those who have some SEO knowledge understand just how difficult it is and how little details could make or break the whole campaign.

A favicon does not have direct repercussions, but looking at the bigger picture, it still holds some value. Take all the mentioned advantages and you will realize that it leads to people spending more time on the website, bookmarking it frequently, clicking on it while using a search engine and getting it as a result, and so on. These things correlate with search engine optimization rankings.

No Time Wasting

When there are multiple tabs open, people switch between them looking at the favicon even if this behavior is subconscious. And what they have in their subconsciousness, which is the favicon, in this case, is going to be there for a very long time.

After reading this article you should be aware just how much of an impact a well-designed favicon has, SEO as well, even if it appears to be insignificant at first glance. So if your website does not have one, you should get on it immediately and take care of this issue. The longer you wait, the worse off your website is going to be.