What Keeps Your Data Secure in A VDR?

It's essential for businesses to adopt new methods of storing and sharing information. See what keeps your data secure in a VDR.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
What Keeps Your Data Secure in A VDR?

Are you still storing your business’s data in physical files? Are your paper files taking up a lot of storage space in your office? It’s time to upgrade and digitize data storage. This is because everything is going digital, and it has become essential for entrepreneurs and businesses to adopt new methods of storing and sharing information. In this article, you’ll see what keeps your data secure in a VDR.

VDR To Keep Your Data Secure

What Keeps Your Data Secure in A VDR

Gone are the days when documents were stored in physical files or on hard drives that could be destroyed if a catastrophe occurred. One of the most important things you can do this year is to acquire a virtual data room for your business if you own a business. If you are looking for a virtual data room that can support your complex processes such as litigation and compliance, https://www.firmex.com/ is the perfect choice for secure document sharing for any industry looking to share sensitive documents. But what makes a virtual data room different? What keeps your data safe and secure when stored in a VDR?

Let’s look at some virtual data room features that enable secure document sharing and business collaboration.

  1. Administrative Features

A virtual data room is more than a storage space for keeping information under lock and key. If your business requires sharing large amounts of documents with shareholders, investors, and other third parties, a VDR will help you maintain the right balance of control and access to sensitive documents.

With a virtual data room, you can give different levels of access to the data room users. For example, you can have a full administrator, restricted administrators, individual users, and collaborators, and each of them should have a specific set of privileges. This enables the restricted viewing of sensitive information as users without permission cannot view certain documents.

Administrative features reduce human error likelihood because the mandatory security spot checks before anyone is allowed into the data room eliminate unauthorized entry.

  1. Virus Scanning VDR

Do you upload many documents into your VDR every day? You need to check for viruses. Most data rooms automatically scan all uploaded documents for any defects and viruses. A trusted data room such as firmex.com will never allow defective files to upload to the system.

  1. Document Watermarks and Access Restrictions

Customized watermarks that indicate the user’s name who downloaded the document and the time they downloaded it ensures that users do not abuse their rights, which prevents data leaks. As the VDR owner, you can select the documents that can download, print, and share.

The self-destructing document feature on the VDR allows you to limit the number of times recipients. Can access the documents before they expire. This feature is significant when dealing with deal documents. When conducting due diligence or any other confidential material damaging if it gets to the wrong recipients.

You can also add an extra layer of security to your documents. By having a data backup feature that ensures that whatever happens to your infrastructure. Nothing can be completely damaged or lost.

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