What Should Not Be Included in a Resume?

What not to include in your resume if you want to win a job, and how can Resume Builder help? Writing a v-card is a big responsibility.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
What Should Not Be Included in a Resume?

Writing a resume is a big responsibility. On it depends whether you will go to the next round and whether you will be invited for a job interview. At the same time, on average, an HR specialist spends about 6 seconds to decide whether to consider this resume further or close it and never open it again. Therefore, it is essential not only to include all the important information but also NOT to include what should not be on the resume. In our article, we will tell you and give examples of the topics that should be avoided when compiling a high-quality job-winning CV.

What Should Not Be Included in a Resume

How to Include Key Information Using a Resume Builder

Use a professional resume builder to create a resume that will impress HR managers. We advise you to check Resumist. It is the best resume builder nowadays available online for free.

Users can choose from thousands of templates or check out 16 resume templates approved by HR specialists. Then you just need to take a few steps to create a resume that will win a job for you:

  1. Fill in your contact information
  2. Indicate your work experience
  3. Enter your best skills relevant to the position you are applying for
  4. Done!

At each step, this resume builder will give you the most relevant suggestions you can use and will not let you miss important parts.

Now let’s discuss what not to include on your resume and what to avoid while creating a resume.

Top-15 Things to Consider for a Perfect Resume

1 Do not use unprofessional Email addresses

Let’s start with your email address. Ideally, it should consist of your first and last name, written in the same way as indicated on your resume. Funny names, family accounts are best reserved for friends or personal use. For professional mail, create a separate mailbox. And, of course, in no case use offensive words or sex topic in the title.

2 Do not include many contacts

First, it might be suspicious why you need so many phone numbers. Secondly, this increases the likelihood that you will miss the desired call or that the manager will get confused and will not call you at all. Please provide only your mobile phone number. This will be enough.

3 Do not write walls of text

Maintain an organized text structure and break it up into paragraphs. This will make it easier for the HR specialist to find the necessary and key information and will help to quickly highlight the main things. They will be able to draw attention to your meaningful skills and results immediately, which will make you stand out from the hundreds of resumes.

Use bulleted lists to separate text and make it more readable. Using this tool, you can easily insert keywords into the text which specialists often use to search for suitable candidates and even give points.

You can find examples of job-winning resumes at resumist.com. It is a professional resume builder that you can use to create a resume online. The site offers many options for adapting a document to a specific situation.

4 Do not give unnecessary personal information

Do not write too much or anything that has nothing to do with your skills or job responsibilities. You do not need to indicate: 

  • Sexual orientation
  • SSN
  • Nationality
  • Religion
  • Age

The employer does not have the right to decide on hiring based on this information. It is simply prohibited by law. There is a special US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that deals with such issues.

5 Do not overdo with buzzwords

Your resume should look organic. It should not feel like you wrote it first and then added more buzzwords to make it look cooler. Of course, it is worth using relevant keywords from the job description, but everything should be in moderation. All words should sound natural, and you really should know their meanings and use them.

6 Do not make mistakes: Included in a resume

Spelling and grammatical mistakes are something that turns off almost all HR managers, no matter what position you are applying for. Check your text several times, put it aside for at least an hour and check it again. Your eye can get used to the words, and your brain will not notice the obvious mistakes that will let you down. Use special services to find errors or let a friend check. You have no right to make such stupid mistakes.

7 Do not include your full mailing address

At the stage of writing a resume, this is pointless and will not give the manager any important information. In addition, enter a city and postal code. This will be enough to show the potential employer that you are local.

Tip: Putting your address details on your resume can be dangerous if you publish your document on job search sites. So, be careful.

8 No odd photos: Included in a resume

You should not attach your photo to your resume if your appearance is not important for the job position itself (for instance, acting or working on television). Your photo does not tell anything about your job skills or personality traits. But it will give the recruiter an idea of ​​your nationality, age. And as we remember, employers cannot base their choice on these features if they do not want to be accused of discrimination.

9 Do not attach irrelevant social-media profiles

Relevance is very important in a resume. If on your Instagram profile you post your personal photos, pictures of a dog or children, then there is no need to attach a link to it. So, the profile reflects your personal brand and provides additional information about you as a professional, then you can use it.

If you are a representative of the creative profession. In addition, then be sure to create your portfolio on social networks or special sites. Attaching such links would, of course, be appropriate and even required. Make sure the link is working and can be opened from any device.

10 Do not use complex designs: Included in a resume

Do not get carried away with decorating your resume or using a complex, unintuitive design. The original layout of the text may seem good to you, but in reality, it will only annoy HR managers. Their task is to quickly highlight the information they need, and with a non-standard design, this is much more difficult.

11 Do not include images and graphics

This point complements our past position that complex design only gets in the way. Embedded images are distracting and annoying for professionals. If you want to give examples of your work, then attach a portfolio or link.

12 Do not include false facts: Included in a resume

A lie or a half-truth — it does not matter. Dishonest statements, especially those that are easy to verify, will not give you an advantage. Even if you do not have the necessary experience or not quite the necessary qualifications, it is better to honestly point this out and focus on other qualities. Many experts will pay attention to your attitude and will be able to close their eyes to your non-compliance with all the criteria.

13 Do not specify your salary history

In some states, employers are prohibited from requesting your salary history. In addition, you cannot have any reasons to indicate it either. A potential employer may underestimate the amount they planned to offer you if they see a lower number. Lying and putting a higher number is also a bad idea since the truth can come out. 

Falsifying CV data rarely benefits anyone. Therefore, there is no need to take risks and include salary data where it is not required.

14 Do not describe your whole life

For a potential employer, it is only interesting what you have been doing for the last 5-10 years. Reduce everything that was before as much as possible or does not indicate at all. Imagine you have been in the industry for 15 years and still describe your college accomplishments. This is no longer interesting to anyone. Results you achieved in your last job are more important

All that is further in time, you should mention briefly in the form of a summary. Moreover, do not waste space on a piece of paper on something that matters little. It is better to write down your latest achievements.

15 Do not include references

At the stage of the first resume, you do not need references or links to them. So, if a potential employer is interested in your candidature, they themselves will ask you to provide this information.

Included in a Resume To Sum Up

It is worth remembering that a resume is your first step to impress a potential employer. Which advantages do you want to show? Be careful, concise, and considerate. So, specify only what is directly related to the job position you are applying for. Do not provide unnecessary data and do not make annoying grammatical mistakes.

In conclusion, to build the perfect resume, you can use the online resume builder. The main thing is to check everything several times and adapt it to a specific situation.

Good luck!

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