Which Altcoins to Buy After You Sell Bitcoin: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn now in this comprehensive guide which altcoins to buy after you sell bitcoin, check the crypto who worth purchasing in order to profit

Updated on December 19, 2023
Which Altcoins to Buy After You Sell Bitcoin: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’ve been in the crypto trading scene for a while then you’ve likely realized how it’s hard to have those insane profits people keep talking about without dealing with multiple different cryptocurrencies. Most people know this, but you may ask yourself which of these altcoins are actually worth purchasing while ignoring the rest. Learn now in this comprehensive guide which altcoins yo buy after you sell bitcoin

While there is an incredible list of options and it changes each day. So, we’ll be covering the ones that we think are consistently the best options as of the time of writing. Following crypto news for these can be tiring but it’s well worth it. Remember that these may not be the same depending on when you read it. So you’ll still need to do some additional research but it will likely be a good place to start. 

Why dealing with altcoins is worth it

If you’re still relatively new to the scene you may be wondering. Why exactly you should go through the effort of purchasing different coins instead of sticking to one.

The thing is that good opening for big profits come somewhat infrequently. However, if you are following multiple coins then you can sell one at a good selling point. Buy into a different one at a good buying point. When you sell BTC you’ll need to wait a little bit before buying it again is worth it. But if you follow other coins then you can keep the cycle going on and on to maximize profit.

This is of course a lot more work when compared to simply focusing on Bitcoin. But we believe it’s well worth it as it prevents unnecessary downtime after sales. By allowing you to just switch to a coin which is in a situation where buying is a good idea.

It isn’t guaranteed that there will be one. But if you follow 5 altcoins then the chances of such opportunities happening upon selling your BTC are pretty decent. Worth counting on most of the time. As usual, nothing is guaranteed, but it’s worth it to try things that have decently high success rates. This is one of them in our opinion.

Which altcoin options are worth it?

There are countless options on the market currently. But we’ll be covering the ones that have proven themselves worth it so far. They’ve been stable for at least some time and don’t show signs of stopping anytime soon. Which are our criteria for this.

Which Altcoins to Buy After You Sell Bitcoin? Ethereum

Ethereum is an incredibly large platform and is rivaling Bitcoin. They’ve become a mainstay of the industry and there is always talk about it in crypto circles. It’s somewhat of an expected choice on this list as of course #2. Is always a good option after selling #1.

If you sell Bitcoin and see a decent opportunity for buying into Ethereum it’s probably a good idea to make use of it as the profits are usually quite good due to the sheer size of Ethereum in the altcoins crypto buy world.


Dash is also an option that’s been around for a while and has proven its worth over that time. It prides itself on instant transactions which makes it quite popular and it also means that buying into it is always a good option if the opportunities show up.

It’s one of those options that’s hard to go wrong with and is always a good backup if you’re waiting on buying into Bitcoin again so we wholeheartedly recommend it. 

Which Altcoins to Buy After You Sell Bitcoin? Litecoin

Litecoin, as with the previous two options, is one of the oldest crypto options and it’s present very good stability during that time considering how long of a period it is.

There is little risk of big drops (unless it’s a general drop over all currencies for some reason) so you don’t need to be scared of sudden dips as much as with some less popular options. If the previous two aren’t in good spots for buying into them then checking in on Litecoin is one of the best options you have for yourself.

Buy Altcoins Comprehensive Guide Conclusion

Altcoins have incredible profit potential and shouldn’t be ignored, so we hope that this list has enlightened you and helped you figure out which options could be helpful to look at once you sell your BTC and are waiting for an excellent opportunity to buy into it again, might as well make some good cash during the wait too.

Are Altcoins the Right Investment for Crypto Users?

Just like investing in anything, investing in crypto assets is no different and comes with its own set of risks. But high volatility is a given in new markets, with significant upside compared to traditional markets. While more “stable” altcoins like Ethereum appear to be less risky, there is no guarantee that investments will yield higher returns if you buy the right crypto altcoins.

Before investing in altcoins, especially highly volatile options, users should do thorough research and only invest in what they are willing to lose. Some of the benefits of investing in altcoins are greater room for growth, and some have interesting utility and promising use cases.

Users should be aware of some other risks associated with investing in altcoins. First, there are thousands on the market, and not overly diversifying can be a challenge. Low liquidity affects slippage and transaction fees, and selling later can be a problem. Almost anyone can create an altcoin. Homemade DApps can be vulnerable to security breaches.

Hope this buy crypto and altcoins investment comprehensive guide will help you in order to the the right choice.