Which Is More Popular Between IOs And Android Mobile App Development?

In this article, we'll see which platform is more popular for mobile app development, IOs or Android and explore the reasons for it

Which Is More Popular Between IOs And Android Mobile App Development

iOS and Android are the top two most widely used mobile platforms that have been ruling the market for quite some time now. This is why businesses and developers prefer to build mobile applications for both platforms to acquire maximum users and gain higher profits. However, Android leads the race with a massive market share while Apple’s tech giant Apple Inc.’s iOS claims the second position at present. This unchallenged popularity of Android has convinced most developers to embrace Android mobile app development over iOS apps.

IOs vs Android Mobile App Development

Which Is More Popular Between IOs And Android Mobile App Development

Here are the top 5 reasons why Android is more popular than iOS in mobile development.

Used by most Smartphone Makers

Android’s open-source code has made it very popular with smartphone manufacturers of all segments. This gives consumers a wide variety of device options and they can purchase the one which fits their taste and budget. On the other hand, iOS, with its closed-source code, works just on Apple devices that generally carry a higher price tag than their Android equivalents.

IOs x Android Development: Price Benefits

There are Android devices for all kinds of customers with drastically different budget ranges. The sheer number of choices that customers get in Android adds to their delight and makes Android a hot favorite with the masses. In contrast, Apple products are priced higher and hence, they appeal to a particular category of people, cutting down on the number of potential customers.

Device Compatibility

Android boasts of a large number of peripheral and wearable devices, signifying an inclusive ecosystem. It facilitates effortless data transfer and synchronization among devices. Only a few third-party devices are compatible with iOS devices, limiting the flexibility of Apple devices pair with non-Apple products.

IOs x Android Development: Customization

While the scope for customization of iOS apps are limited for the users, Android has always encouraged its customers to choose their own application customization level in the way they want. This reinforces the conviction of businesses and application developers that Android mobile app development is a great way to cater to the largest section of mobile phone users.

Multi-window Support

Android 7 Nougat and Android 8 Oreo facilitate multi-window tasking with a built-in multiwindow mode. Adding to user convenience and capabilities. iOS, too, offers a split-screen view that works on tabs but not iPhones.

Expensive Parts and Repairs

Just like the price of iOS products, the costs of repairing them is also substantially high. The prices of components like the phone charger and earphones are also high enough. As a result, discourage people with a tighter budget. In comparison, the lower service costs of Android devices act. As a bait for the person planning to go for a mid-range device. Like a mobile, tablet, etc.

Other advantages of Android devices over iOS devices include widgets, launchers, free apps, and games, etc. These make Android mobile app development the first option for mobile application developers. Android app development offers the option to provide more features. In addition, particularly profitable for global upcoming markets like Asia and Africa. The development platform is thereafter defining the audience. Timeline, expectations, and budget of the project and Android scores higher than iOS on most of these points.