Which Social Media Platform Will Dominate Live Streaming in 2020?

live videos generate 10 times more comments than regular videos, we'll share which social media platform will dominate the live streaming in 2020.

Which Social Media Platform Will Dominate Live Streaming in 2020

As one of the latest waves of digital marketing trends, live streaming is looking to make an even bigger splash in 2020 and beyond. Brands are now understanding its power: live videos generate 10 times more comments than regular videos, while 80% of consumers would rather watch a live stream than read a blog. In this article, we’ll share which social media platform will dominate the live streaming in 2020.

Which Social Media Platform Will Dominate Live Streaming in 2020?

Which Social Media Platform Will Dominate Live Streaming in 2020

It’s clear that your business should strive towards life, but on which platform? We’ve whittled down the best social media streaming platforms to the top four on the market today: Facebook Live, Twitter Live, Instagram Live, and Twitch.

But which platform comes out on top? Read on below for more information about each social channel, and to find out which will dominate 2020 and beyond.

Facebook Live Social Media Platform to Dominate Streaming

With 2.38 billion users sharing images and ‘liking’ statuses each month, Zuckerberg’s behemoth needs no introduction. In short, Facebook Live enables you to broadcast your brand to the world’s largest social media audience.

Facebook Live was introduced in 2016, with many businesses now using it to communicate with their followers in real-time. Now’s the time that your business did the same, especially as the social media giant has recently updated its algorithm to show more live videos on its feed than other types of media.

But why does Facebook Live lead the way? Firstly, it comes down to exposure. The platform’s unrivaled user numbers mean you can reach more people using Facebook Live videos than you could with any other channel.

In true Facebook style, the live feature is also simple to use. Any marketer – with any level of technical nous – can start a live video with any smartphone. All you have to do is click the ‘live video’ button, which will immediately notify your followers – and off your stream! Moreover, you can buy Twitch followers to grow your Twitch channels.

Are there any downsides? Sure. Facebook could liven up its streaming camera quality, but it’s more than clear enough for streaming live Q and A’s, business events, or product explainers.

Periscope for Twitter Live Social Media Platform to Dominate Streaming

Always at gigs or fashion shows? Twitter Live (powered by Periscope) is ideal for spontaneous, high-quality live videos. The camera quality is slightly better than on Facebook Live, which makes it perfect for capturing random moments that are happening right around you, wherever you are.

Owned by Twitter, the Periscope app integration enables you to easily live stream from your Twitter feed, even if you don’t have a Periscope account. Just like Facebook Live, it’s really simple to get started: just swipe left from the home timeline, or tap the camera icon, and you’re life.

Once you’re recording, you can interact with users through comments and ‘hearts’, and the video will remain on your Twitter timeline even after your stream has finished. Periscope also uses location data, proving particularly useful for local advertising.

If your business is new to the social media realm, or you don’t have the time to keep Tweeting throughout the day, you can always use social media posting tools – like Buffer or Hootsuite – to help you create a social content scheduling plan.

Instagram Live

Originally designed purely for sharing images and videos, Instagram offers the most seamless live streaming feature of any social media platform. Not only is Instagram Live easy to use, but it also has incredible reach, boasting over 1 billion monthly users, with almost 40% of American adults currently using the platform.

Owned by Facebook, both channels use an algorithm that rewards you for posting more often – so, the more live videos you create, the more likely your posts will be to appear on your followers’ Instagram feeds.

To get started, just tap the camera icon in the top left corner and press ‘live’. Your followers will be notified immediately, so they can tune in and add comments or emojis to your live video.

Twitch Social Media Platform to Dominate Streaming

Is your business in the gaming industry? Then you should have fun playing with Twitch. This live streaming platform is designed for online gamers to broadcast their games while they play. Sure, it’s not strictly a ‘traditional’ social media channel like the three above. But it still offers live streaming communication to millions of people around the world.

Now owned by Amazon, Twitch has over 15 million active daily users, and up to 3.2 million monthly broadcasters. This makes it the only viable option for those looking to stream or advertise in the gaming world. For example, you can pay Twitch broadcasters to play your game live in front of potentially millions of people. It’s a niche platform offering lots of scope for success.

In particular – given that 80.1% of Twitch’s users are male. There are plenty of opportunities for targeted marketing from male-focused brands. Overall, it’s onwards and upwards for Twitchers around the world.

Final Thoughts

Live streaming has taken huge steps to the forefront of digital marketing recently. With more businesses and consumers turning to the live camera than ever before. But which platform will conquer all?

Twitter Live is great for streaming gigs, Instagram Live is really easy to use. While Twitch is the gamer’s top choice. But with its dominance in the user figures. So, Facebook looks like being the biggest fish in the social media live streaming pond in 2020.

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