Which Tools And Technologies Do Online Casinos Need To Be Able To Function?

Online casinos need not only exciting games but other software too. See which tools and technologies do online casinos need to function.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
Which Tools And Technologies Do Online Casinos Need To Be Able To Function?

To be able to operate, online casinos need not only exciting games but other software too. From this article, you’ll get to know which technological solutions gambling platforms rely on. In this article, we’ll explore which tools and technologies do online casinos need to be able to function.

When you visit an online casino, you hardly think of all the diverse and complex technological solutions that a gambling platform relies on. Meanwhile, each casino contains dozens of complicated tools and systems. From this article, you’ll get to know about the types of software that make online gambling possible.

Which Tools And Technologies Do Online Casinos Need To Be Able To Function?

2D & 3D Game Design

To create an immersive and social gaming experience, developers design 2D and 3D game skins and integrate them seamlessly with existing gaming technologies. They can connect diverse types of games to mobile applications and social networking services.

Mobile Game Development: Online Casinos Tools and Technologies

Today, developers usually release new games in two versions simultaneously: in desktop and mobile formats. Old games that were created before the mobile era need to be adapted to smartphones and tablets.

When building games for portable devices, professionals should be ready to carry out the following tasks.

  • Develop solutions for iOS and Android native applications
  • Pack all the web identity of a game as a standalone mobile application that can function both online and offline
  • Make games compatible with AR and VR integrations
  • Analyze and implement monetization strategies for in-app purchases
  • Finally, create in-app advertising networks to maximize their clients’ ROI

No need to say, all games should run smoothly in any browser and on any device, regardless of its brand.

Randomizer Software: Online Casinos Tools and Technologies

Developers need to equip all the games with a random number generator. The software that they design has to be BMM and GLI-compliant. It should be able to pass the following RNG evaluations.

  • Ongoing RNG or game payout verification
  • Betting exchange evaluations
  • Full security system audits
  • Finally, game and mathematics evaluations

To enhance the security and quality of this tool, developers might opt for a cryptographic pseudorandom number generator. It relies on cipher algorithms and cryptographic hashes.

Payout Ratio Settings

Any casino game should render winning combinations with a certain frequency. Developers need to pre-program the hit frequency and payout ratio settings.

These settings impact the systems of calculating bonuses. To compare the generosity of casino bonuses, you can visit profile sites. One of them is, for instance, offers no deposit bonuses. There, you’ll see that the gifts and privileges that platforms offer to their customers might differ considerably. Casinos need to always remain profitable. That’s why the bonuses that they distribute depend on the payout ratio settings of the games.

Online Casino Lobby and Player Portals

When a gambler logs in to a casino, they find themselves in a portal. There, they can add, check, delete and edit the following personal details.

  • Firstly, contact and demographic information
  • Secondly, E-wallet and banking information
  • Credit and player limits
  • Bank and wire transfer information
  • Communication preferences
  • Finally, the player point balances and tier statuses

These portals should be personalized and interactive.

Back Office: Online Casinos Tools and Technologies

This part of a gambling platform includes the following components:

  • Detailed financial reports
  • Dashboards
  • Insights
  • Analytics
  • Player profiles
  • Affiliates management
  • Gaming and betting statistics
  • Finally, promotion and communication tools

The team of any casino can access game parameters through the back office. In addition, customers get no access to this part of gambling sites or apps.

Insights and Analytics for Online Games

These include the following types of tools:

  • Features for market data analytics
  • Data capture
  • Interactive floor mapping apps
  • Player analytics
  • Performance reporting
  • Predictive analytics

They enable the teams of online casinos to identify operational improvements and filter data based on their KPIs. Consequently, teams will be able to make more informed decisions.

Payment Processing Solutions

Casinos need to integrate payment processing systems from multiple payment software providers. So, all the financial transactions that users carry out through the gambling site or app should be quick and 100% safe.

Custom Cryptocurrency Casino Solutions

More and more online casinos accept cryptocurrencies. Operations with cryptocurrencies need to be not only secure but also simple. Moreover, some sites allow their customers to buy crypto right through their interfaces, which is very convenient.

Plus, some casinos issue their own tokens that circulate within their sites or apps. These are not full-fledged cryptocurrencies because people can’t buy or sell them on crypto exchanges. Yet this type of custom solution is also gaining popularity. It enables casinos to get an additional competitive edge and makes the gambling process more fascinating.

Fraud Management and Protection

To make online casinos safe and enjoyable, developers use the following tools, systems, and technologies:

  • Secure socket layers
  • Blockchain
  • Firewalls
  • Anti-fraud modules
  • Reporting engines
  • Risk management systems
  • Finally, KYC security process features

Thanks to them, casino administrators can timely notice suspicious activities and take measures to prevent them.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article came in handy, and now you have a better vision of the software that online casinos rely on. Developers put a lot of time and effort into creating math algorithms, calculation engines, payout tables, game rule parameters, data encryption, bonus round formulas, and so on. It’s incredible how diverse and multifaceted this sphere is!

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