Why are CS:GO Bets the Most Popular Kind of Esports Betting in 2023?

Esports betting has reached a level beyond comprehension, check why are CS:GO bets the most popular kind of esports betting in this guide

Updated on October 1, 2023
Why are CS:GO Bets the Most Popular Kind of Esports Betting in 2023?

Esports betting has reached a level beyond comprehension recently. Every day tens of tournaments get to the line, offering fans tens of matches where famous teams take part in. Check why are CS:GO bets the most popular kind of esports betting in this guide.

Special position is taken by CS:GO that is very popular among fans of esports betting. However, if no one doubts the popularity of the game in betting, we still have to understand the reasons why CS:GO became an essential part of the line of any bookmaker.

So, we have to figure out why CS:GO bets are so popular among players and regular betting fans.

First reason. Popularity of the game itself

One would think that CS:GO came out over ten years ago, went through countless changes but it is still in the forefront. No matter how badly Valve neglected the game, millions of players love playing the game to shoot and have fun.

Despite all the talk about the death of CS:GO, the figures show the opposite. In January 2023, online gaming surpassed 1,19 million players — it is the best result in almost three years. And this is despite the fact that the developers have not released any software for a year and half.

These are surprising figures that prove that CS:GO is an iconic game that has gathered a huge community around itself.

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Second reason. Simplicity of the gaming process

The second reason for the popularity of CS:GO bets comes from the first one. Why does everyone like the game? Of course, simplicity of the gaming process. Perhaps, each teenager and older user will explain the main idea of the game. So, do not get surprised at the growth of online and other visit records.

Today the professional stage offers a great deal of tournaments and matches, so CS:GO live score gives us tens of matches.

ESL, BLAST, WePlay and many other tournament operators organize their matches for the best teams of the planet every day. And it is just the top of the iceberg, as TIER-2 and TIER-3 stages host numerous online tournaments.

The bigger the choice, the more chances that a match will find its fans.

Fourth reason. Availability of the statistics for match analysis

Don’t forget about preparation before betting — viewing statistics. Today there are enough sites and platforms that offer not only superficial but also advanced statistics in teams and other players. The more information, the higher the chance to win.

If several years ago the choice of outcomes was scarce and confined to the victory of the first or second teams, today bookmaker’s companies offer loads of outcomes.

Currently, gamblers could bet on the victory from any team, count total by rounds or maps, see Handicap in rounds or maps. Beyond it, there are bets of specific events like a grenade kill, knife kill or Zeus x27.

There is a wide range of choices which contributes to the popularity of CS:GO betting.

Sixth reason. A chance to place bets not only with money but in-game items

Every year the number of bookmaker companies that enable to place bets with skins is decreasing. However, such offers are still relevant and can find his clients.

That is why a chance to choose is one of the reasons for CS:GO popularity in terms of betting. Obviously, the risk of placing an in-game skin is more useful than making a deposit of real money.

Another important reason for the popularity of CS:GO bets is availability of match broadcasts. Fans can always go on Twitch to find an online match. The more often the spectator watches games and teams, the more information they will have. Therefore, they will be more confident about the choice and get a prize.

Summing up, CS:GO is an extremely popular esports discipline in terms of betting. There are enough reasons as the game itself became iconic and the majority of matches and tournaments will excite you.

Don’t lean towards CS:GO gambling

You will lose, and it is possible that you will lose a significant amount before beginning to win CS:GO esports bets. This is one of the first things we discuss in our beginner’s guide to CS:GO gambling, it’s because it’s important: Tilting.

Tilting is a derogatory term that originated in poker, where a player who has taken a few losses becomes frustrated, confused, or angry. When you tilt, you make reckless decisions, these should be avoided to the greatest extent possible when placing esports bets on CS:GO.

Even the most knowledgeable CS:GO gambling experts can lose, as a result, having a losing streak due to poor, unverified bets as well as emotional decisions.

The most effective tip we can give you is to stop, take a break, and return the following day. Next, you can continue to make rational bet choices, instead of just throwing your gambling budget down the drain. Winners know when to stop, and when to return to attempt again.