Why DTG is the Best Option for Garment Printing

It’s never been easier to start your own business, and selling garments is a popular. See why DTG is the best option for garment printing.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
Why DTG is the Best Option for Garment Printing

It’s never been easier to start your own business, and selling garments is a popular choice. You can make your own hours, be your own boss, flex your creative muscles, and make a little money while you’re at it. However, if you are going to make garments, you need to have good quality materials and reliable equipment. In this article, you’ll see why DTG is the best option for garment printing.

Why DTG is the Best Option for Garment Printing

For instance, if you are selling t-shirts or anything that will have printing on it, then direct to garment (DTG) could be the right solution for you. It is a modern, technologically advanced technique that provides excellent results. When you are strategizing where to invest your start-up money, a garment printer, such as Epson’s SureColor F2100 would be a great place to start. Here are some of the top benefits of DTG printing. 

Fast Turnaround Times

As a small business, you need to be as efficient as possible at everything you do. That includes how fast you make your product. An Epson fabric printer can help you send out orders fast. There is very little preparation needed, and no extra equipment. All you need is ink for the printer and the garment and you are good to go. You will probably mostly be handling smaller orders at first, and using DTG will help you get a reputation for speed and efficiency.

High Quality DTG for Garment Printing

DTG printing produces high-quality printing that highlights the colors and the designs of graphics and images. Whether you have vibrant colors or intricate designs, DTG is able to provide a strong contrast from the garment and the image. Screen printing is not able to achieve this. With so much competition on the market, you need to make your garments as eye-catching and pleasing as you possibly can. Your designs will have pinpoint detail, from transferring photos on the garments to clean lines on uncommon fonts. To stand out from the thousands of other businesses, using DTG will provide you with designs that catch the eye and get people to hit that “buy” button. 


There are many ways that you can design garments with printing on them. So, could have new and interesting patterns. You might have a fun slogan written in a creative font. You could have an image of some kind. In fact, you could have all three of these elements. There are many possible target markets and many ways for you to appeal to them. With DTG printing, you will have the most flexible printing options available. It can handle any type of printing need you have with beauty and vibrancy. 

Eco-Friendly DTG for Garment Printing

We all want to be friendlier to our planet and do work that aligns with our social conscience. DTG offers an eco-friendly printing solution because there is little waste involved. In addition, you only need the printer and ink, and nothing else to be thrown away. By printing directly onto the garment, there is no wasted ink, either. The entire process is not just fast and effective, but it’s incredibly efficient as well, both in time spent and materials used. If you are looking to help reduce your footprint, DTG printing is the way to go. 

Durability DTG for Garment Printing

There’s nothing worse than buying a great piece of clothing with an attractive or fun graphic on it, only for the printed aspect to start peeling after a few wears. With DTG printing, the risk of this happening is greatly diminished. Since the printing goes right on the garment, there is no adhesive involved to break down and wear away. DTG printing ink is much more resistant to fading as well, meaning that your customers can enjoy your products for years to come without a drop in quality or looks. 

Very Simple to Use

Paper printers have been around for decades. Most people who are in a position to start a business have most likely used a printer at one point or another. Moreover, a DTG printer works in a  very similar fashion to a paper printer. This means that you can get it up and running easily. So, If you bring on staff, it won’t take long to get them up to speed, either. You will have your beautiful garments ready for shipping in no time, even on your first try. 

Orders of Any Size

With other garment printing methods, it can often be onerous to set up the equipment and print off a batch of garments. That is why many garment sellers have minimum orders. It simply isn’t worth the time to set up for only a few pieces. With DTG printing, it’s just as easy to set up for one garment as it is for 100. That means that your customers can order as many or as little as they like, and you will be able to easily accommodate them. This gives you an advantage, because you can create more niche designs that might appeal to small groups, but you’ll still make some sales out of them. 

Full Color

In the past, garment printing involved removing colors from images and graphics because they could not be transferred onto the fabric. That’s why you would see so many t-shirts with black and white images on them. DTG printing makes that a thing of the past. You can have full-color images and graphics on your garments without any special equipment and use any fabric you want. There’s no need to compromise on your art or on what the customer wants. 

There are many creative and driven people out there who are starting garment businesses every day. You need to do whatever you can to stand out in the crowd to find success. Using DTG printing will allow you to offer excellent quality garments with eye-popping designs that your clients will love. 

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