Why E-Signing Is the Way of the Future

Document signing will never go out of style it’s a legal authentication method. Learn why e-signing is the way of the future.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
Why E-Signing Is the Way of the Future

Signatures are an act that has been around since the 6th century to authenticate documents. Even people who didn’t know how to write could still sign, with an ‘x’ used as proof that you’d viewed and approved of a particular document. In this article, you’ll learn why e-signing is the way of the future.

Document signing will never go out of style, given that it’s a legal authentication method. However, that doesn’t mean that the way we sign documents isn’t changing. E-signing with a digital signature provides all manner of benefits, such as these below.

Why E-Signing Is the Way of the Future

You Save Time With E-Signing

There may be several occasions in your life that require you to sign on a dotted line. While the action is essential, it can also be inconvenient. You often have to drive to the location of the document. If two parties have to sign, you’ve then got to make sure everyone involved is free to be in the same place at the same time.

However, online signatures may be able to save a significant amount of time. Rather than break up your day with frustrating travel, you can receive the documents by email, add your signature, and email them back using e-signing.

You Can Save Money

Whether you’re an individual signing a document or a business producing documents for other people to sign, digital signatures can add much efficiency to the process. You may be able to save money on resources like paper and ink by sending or receiving an email for digital signing.

That document copy can also be held on a digital server, without the need to print it. If you would typically print then courier a document for signing, both the sender and receiver save money. The entire process may be streamlined simply by adjusting the way you sign and accept documents.

E-Signing Is The Future: It’s Now Legal

Due to the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and ESIGN Act, a digital signature holds as much legal standing as a handwritten signature in the United States. Many other countries have also legalized the use of e-signatures for legal documents. Whether you’re signing your name on a purchase agreement or a simple membership card, your online signature, which you can create for free, is as legally binding as the one you craft with a pen.

The Environment Benefits

We’re doing many things, both intentionally and unintentionally, to save the environment. Remote workers aren’t burning fossil fuels to get to a city office, and we’re sending emails rather than writing on post-it notes with the future of e-signing.

There may also be environmental benefits with the use of a digital signature. Rather than printing potentially dozens of pages in a legal agreement to sign each page, we’re able to transfer an e-signature onto the bottom of those pages on a computer screen instead.

It’s Becoming More Secure

As time goes on, businesses and individuals are learning more about the importance of being safe on the internet. E-signatures are no different. Many people are taking additional measures with their digital signatures, such as having them verified online. That way, they can’t be easily duplicated by another party with e-signing.

Signing documents is a crucial part of forming a legally binding agreement. However, in past years, it has never been all that convenient. E-signatures are fast, easy to create, and straightforward to apply to documents. If you haven’t made your own, now might be the time to explore your options. 

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