Why Ecommerce Companies Should Have UX Specialist In Their Team

Why ecommerce companies should have UX specialist in their team? Ecommerce competition is increasing with every passing day

Updated on July 25, 2022
Why Ecommerce Companies Should Have UX Specialist In Their Team

Why ecommerce companies should have UX specialist in their team? Ecommerce competition is increasing with every passing day. To increase online sales, you need to provide a great user experience (UX) that makes it easy for people to buy your product.

Why Ecommerce Companies Should Have UX Specialist In Their Team

Why ecommerce companies Should Have UX specialist In their team

Improving the user experience is essential for websites as it makes it easier for visitors to navigate the site and also find what they are looking for. Besides, better UX allows users to make payments hassle-free and also assists in improving SEO.

When you make it easy and fast for online shoppers to buy from your online store, they will visit your store more frequently.

This is where having a UX specialist in your team is so crucial. A UX expert can drastically improve the user experience of your website leading to more sales and revenue.

What are the elements of a good UX e-commerce?

If you are selling online, you have to be innovative in designing your website. When implementing a good UX on your website, you need a lot of thought, work, and testing.

To provide good UX on your site, you should focus on straightforward navigation, quick transactions, and effective communication.

Here are the top elements of a user-friendly website design:

1 – Easy navigation

When customers come to your online store to buy, they should be able to find the product they are looking for and place their order in the shortest time.

Therefore, your website should be well organized. It should have product categories so that customers can easily find the product they are looking for and add it to their cart.

The general categories on the site should capture all the products you have in stock. This will help your customers narrow their search and spend little time looking for products to buy.

Customers will only click a few links and get to the right products with the right categorization. It saves them time because they can move to the next step of buying without wasting time.

2 – Quick transactions

Having qualified UX specialists in your eCommerce team. Once you make it easy to find products on your site, it should also be easy to pay for them. You should have a one or two-click checkout to save your customers time. Therefore, you want to minimize the number of clicks on your site when customers pay.

Only ask customers for necessary information like name, shipping address, purchasing information, and billing address when they checkout.

When customers go through a few pages before they pay for products, they will likely come back. You should also ensure your websites are loading fast to help your customers save time.

3 – Clear communication

The kind of language you use on your website ensures successful sales. Therefore, you should ensure you write simple and clear language that most of your customers can understand. Anyone who visits your website should comprehend your language and follow your instructions.

You want to make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for and achieve your end goal; to make the most sales. The easier to read your website content is, the better UX you offer to your site visitors.

What can UX specialists do for your eCommerce website?

So, you can create the best online store with the right functionality and design when you have the right UX specialists in your team.

Having qualified UX specialists in your eCommerce team will ensure you identify and fix all the UX-related issues on your website.

Here is why you should have an eCommerce specialist on your team:

1 – Build the first impression with an eCommerce UX specialist team

It most effectively takes some seconds to seize the user’s interest after they go to your website. The first impression of your website is essential in making visitors stay for longer without bouncing off. Most e-commerce websites bombard users with notifications, offers, cookies, discounts, and other things that are not relevant.

When you have the right UX designer in your programming team, they will make all notifications on your site non-intrusive, easy to read, and well displayed.

They also make all notifications on your website relevant and in line with the applicable law. This creates the first impression of your site, and customers will come to buy it most often.

2 – Create a customer-centric product

Having a UX designer or specialist in your team makes it possible to end up with a product that your customers need. User experience specialists are in demand today because they help e-commerce businesses develop products that meet customer pain points.

Through extensive research and evaluation, organizations can achieve a more accurate understanding of the customer. This creates a product that aligns with what most of the customers need. This also leads to establishing better relationships with customers.

3 – Design a chatbot

One way of improving user interaction with your brand is to have a chatbot. If your competitors are already applying this method to keep customers engaged, you can also do the same.

Invite a UX specialist to design a chatbot engine to improve user interaction on your eCommerce store.

With a chatbot on your eCommerce site, you can relieve your customer care of the burden of responding to the customers’ common questions. This way, you direct your resources to handle more complex customer issues.

4 – Improve purchase speed with an eCommerce UX specialist team

You need a UX specialist to ensure a quick purchase. Your eCommerce store may have options that delay customer purchase decisions. Things like mandatory account sign-up, completing extreme forms, and providing too much information on the site, may delay or even make customers opt-out.

When you take the help of eCommerce agencies to market your store or hire a UX designer, you get an optimized site that helps your customers focus on quick purchases in a few simple steps. A user experience specialist will analyze all the user needs and develop a purchase process that meets the user’s needs.

Final Thoughts

When you decide to start selling your product and services online, you will mostly need an easy-to-use, attractive, and responsive website regardless of the industry you serve.

You will have to focus more on creating better UX on your website to keep customers on the site and improve your conversions. So, it would help if you had an experienced and professional UX specialist in your programming and marketing team.