If you’ve ever spent even one semester in business school, you already know that the purpose of marketing isn’t just to sell the product. In this article, we’ll share why education is a powerful content marketing strategy. It’s to construct relationships with the customers, it’s to make clear that you’ve heard the needs, wants, and interests that the customers have and you’ve got the answer because you care about them, and it’s to show that you have a solution to a problem.

The term ‘content marketing’ is unlikely to strike you like an unfamiliar one, as well. However, have you ever heard of educational content marketing strategy? Is education content marketing a strategy you should start applying right here and right now to get those sales skyrocketing?

Why Is Education A Powerful Content Marketing Strategy?

Why Is Education A Powerful Content Marketing Strategy

Educational content marketing offers solutions to the problems your customers have, in a way that not only increases the knowledge of your audience but also sets you and your company as a reliable source of information with clear expertise of the matter at hand. Moreover, you’re doing this all while forming a relationship with the audience you’re reaching out to! Some of the latest researches can be found on the educational portal of college admission essay writing service.

While offering such expert knowledge so freely can sound counterintuitive from a business’ point of view, because the product and service would be reduced to a background focus, it actually works like magic. Why is that? Because at the end of the day, a customer will not care about your product or service, As a result, a great education content marketing strategy.

However great in quality, if it has nothing to offer them if it doesn’t solve a problem for them, and if it’s not one that they can trust. Customers do not appreciate feeling as if you’re trying to force their product down your throat.

Which companies are already rocking the educational content marketing strategy?

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, some real-life examples. Support for an idea you already have, take a look at these companies, and the great educational content marketing strategies they are already employing.

IBM’s business simulation game

Having been launched almost a decade ago. There are already tens of thousands of users in more than 100 countries playing this game! However, it’s not just any game, it’s one that challenges its players to solve problems in the fields of banking.

Energy, retail, and water, offering the players an understanding of how business decision-making truly affects the life around us. Content like this is brilliant because not only does it educate, but also it can also influence, and remains entertaining while doing so!

Education Content Marketing Strategy: Mint’s blog posts

Much like this article, Mint offers educational material in the written form for its audience. It does so by offering easy-to-understand “how-to”-articles for an audience hoping to sort out their finances. While it may not be a game to play, this type of content is incredibly valuable.

Sought after because money is such a focal point in all of our lives. We all want to employ the best tips and tricks with which to save up money to get those dream vacations and dream houses. As a result, a great education content marketing strategy.

WholeFoods’ Food Blog

While the contents of WholeFoods’ food blog does include information about the company and its products. It does so nearly so discreetly that you’ll miss it if you’re not specifically looking for it. Instead, the blog focuses on providing different types of food and recipe tips.

For consumers on how to eat healthily. There are videos, recipes, instructions, pictures, tips, ideas, and so many other things available. Moreover, for the topics that require product suggestions. Or, in this case, food produces suggestions – it doesn’t limit to just showcasing its own products! Their site is a prime example of combining the three big Es. Educational, engaging, and entertaining into one incredible mix of content.

Education Content Marketing Strategy: Lauren Luke’s tutorial videos

Although Lauren Luke first began forming her brand as a side job. There’s no denying that her content marketing tactic worked. Her marketing relies specifically on offering practical makeup application videos for those looking for advice, tips, and inspiration.

Good luck with creating your next great content marketing strategy. So, don’t forget to use the powerful tool that education is while doing so!

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