Why It Is Better To Use A Dedicated Vpn Server

Why it is better to use a dedicated Vpn server; Online privacy protection has been an issue that has haunted Web users ever since

Updated on July 25, 2022
Why It Is Better To Use A Dedicated Vpn Server

Why it is better to use a dedicated Vpn server; Online privacy protection has been an issue that has haunted Web users ever since the creation of the Internet. However, a worryingly high number of privacy intrusion cases has been observed in recent years. Consequently, this has made users even warier of their online activity and the information that they provide. Or expose to unknown third parties, their country’s government, or their internet service provider while surfing the Web.

Why It Is Better To Use A Dedicated Vpn Server

Unsurprisingly, this has led to technologies like virtual private networks, or VPNs for short. Becoming increasingly more utilized on a global scale. However, even though a VPN can protect your personal information. Providers are still capable of viewing your traffic and activity, allowing them to collect and store such data. Due to this, many users have become skeptical of whether a VPN can actually protect their privacy in the long run. Finally, putting their efficacy and efficiency in question.

However, there is no need to worry, since there are a number of viable alternatives to VPNs available, including identity and access management platforms, privileged access management, third-party security platforms, and zero-trust network access. Furthermore, other alternatives include using Dedicated VPN Servers. Let us dive right into this revolutionary service.

What is a dedicated VPN server?

A dedicated VPN server comprises a particular VPN software installed on a VPS server (which stands for virtual private server). So, how does this differ from the already existing VPN service providers and their servers? Traditional VPN services are capable of enabling many users to connect to them simultaneously. However, none of those users have the ability to actually manage the server, its settings, or its properties. Therefore, this means that the VPN provider can only make adjustments to the server. So users’ data, traffic, and search history may suffer as they cannot have full control over these aspects.

However, with a dedicated VPN server, you gain the ability to have your own personal server. Allowing you to adjust anything and everything to your heart’s content. Additionally, you can also check all of the settings; and make sure you are not tracking your activity and traffic or your online training.

In terms of the principles behind this technology, it works exactly like a traditional VPN. This means that it takes your traffic, and routes it through a special tunnel. Resulting in your information being encrypted and protected. This ultimately means that having a dedicated server just for yourself adds an extra layer of security to protect your privacy while browsing the Web constantly. But wait, there are even more aspects in which these servers can take the upper hand when it comes to traditional VPN providers.

So, what are the advantages of using such a VPN server?

There are a plethora of different benefits to using this private VPN service. First off, as we already mentioned previously, you can adjust your server’s settings by yourself because you have full root access to the VPS server through SSH. This consequently also allows you to verify that you are not logging your online activity.

Another very useful and practical benefit is that you also get a dedicated static IP address with such a server. Traditional VPN service providers offer their users the ability to connect to the server using a ‘special’ IP address. However, in reality, that address is simultaneously used by a number of other users.

Even though this does guarantee that they will remain anonymous because they are essentially using the same IP address. It can create problems if some users decide to engage in suspicious; or illegal activities that may result in the address becoming permanently banned. This is less than ideal if you just want to watch a series on Netflix, but you ultimately would not be able to because of some users’ actions.

However, with a dedicated IP address, you will never have to suffer the consequences of other users’ online activity and actions, as that IP will be yours and yours only.

Connect an unlimited number of devices

You can also connect an unlimited number of devices to your server; something that traditional VPN providers charge extra for. With such a private VPN service, you can just directly log into your VPS server; and simply create a new user profile that you can then utilize to connect through another device. You can also give different profiles divergent privileges and manage them as you see fit, making it a perfect choice for family households and medium and large-scale businesses.

Some dedicated VPN server providers like VPSBG. For example, also aim to remain as transparent as possible when it comes to their VPN servers. Because of this, they utilize only open-source VPN protocols. Even provide access to their custom installation scripts, again reiterating their intention to support complete transparency at all times. Furthermore, some providers even offer alternative and anonymous payment methods to protect your privacy when making the transaction.

Are there any drawbacks to these private VPN servers?

The only downside that can consider is the lack of multiple server locations. As the VPN software is installed on a physical VPS server. It can only be situated in one location at any given time. This means you won’t be able to instantly change your location whenever you want. Which can seem like a detriment if you intend to use your VPN server to gain access to streaming media. Behind blocked geo-restrictions. However, it is important to remember that the main idea of such servers is to protect your privacy at all times. Nevertheless, you can always choose to get a dedicated VPN server in a country that would suit your needs.