Why Outsourcing Is The Newest Business Trend

In an article for Forbes Magazine, Alfredo Atanacio explained that many forward-thinking business process outsourcing (BPO) organizations

By Larissa Lopes
Updated on February 24, 2024
Why Outsourcing Is The Newest Business Trend

In an article for Forbes Magazine, Alfredo Atanacio, the founder of UassistMe.com, explained that many forward-thinking business process outsourcing (BPO) organizations successfully turned this period of disruption to their advantage during the pandemic. They used the time to evaluate and reinvent themselves in a world where remote work was suddenly the norm.

Why Outsourcing Is The Newest Business Trend

Indeed, during the pandemic, many businesses had to outsource and outstaff tasks and responsibilities that their spread-out teams were unable to manage. However, as the world starts going back to normal, many businesses now realize that outsourcing gives them a competitive advantage and that the growth of the BPO sector is not without reason. Grandview Research reported that in 2019 the global outsourcing market was worth $92.5 billion. But by April 2021, the value had skyrocketed to $245.91 billion, and it’s still climbing.

Outsourcing Marketing For A Successful Business

While outsourcing can fill many niches, one of the most popular is marketing, and many businesses are clamoring to sign up with agencies that can fulfill their needs. According to a report by Hootsuite, 60% of businesses were planning to increase their Instagram budget in the next year.

In the digital era, effective marketing is everything. Prospective clients will interact with your digital footprint long before they speak to you face to face. If your business is not one centered around marketing and digital communications; it’s best that you find a skilled team to outsource this work to give you the best chance of success. Working with a skilled outsourced marketing team will give your business a digital facelift and inspire confidence in interested clients around the world.

When To Outsource 

According to reports, outsourcing can be a really good way to cut down on as much as 70% of your labor costs, especially when your in-house team is small. Keep in mind outsourcing is not outstaffing. You’re not bringing in a worker on a contract; you’re handing over a project to be developed from start to finish by a specialized team. If your team is fairly small and composed of a few individuals with key strengths, you might want these employees to focus on the business’s core aspects rather than looking for solutions in unfamiliar fields.

It can mitigate the main problem with outsourcing by finding a solid; trustworthy company to handle the task you need doing. Most companies that work on outsourced projects are good at communicating their ideas, progress, and deliverables on a consistent basis. If they’re not good at doing this, you might have a problem with missing information or having to make changes; that should have dealt with at the beginning of the project. For this reason, it’s good to do research into who you’re hiring before making a hasty decision.

All in all, outsourcing is going to be the way forward for many businesses. The pros far outweigh any cons, and the stats certainly show how this trend has taken off.