WooCommerce is a plugin which has completely changed WordPress for the better and made it the widely used platform it is today, see an amazing infographic that explains it.

Without WooCommerce, WordPress would be a basic blogging platform. With this plugin, however, it powers a huge amount of the world’s e-commerce websites and is something that almost everybody is using. Besides Woo-Commerce and WordPress, all you really need to build a responsive, secure website is some proper WordPress hosting, and you’re good to go. For this reason alone, it is why you should be using Woo-Commerce too.

Why Use WooCommerce?

That is not the only reason, though. The nature of Woo-Commerce – being open source and easy to use – means that finding a developer for WooCommerce is a simple process and, today, lots of people have vast experience with it. Just take a look on Upwork and you can easily find people who have clocked over 100 hours developing Woo-Commerce solutions.

WooCommerce also understands that not all e-commerce sites are the same; they are not all t-shirt sellers. Some sites sell subscription services, some sell physical products, while others sell non-tangible products. Woo-Commerce supports all of these different types of store, which is not something one could say about other e-commerce solutions.

WooCommerce is also packed full of features and integration potential; pretty much everyone and everything has integrated with it. There are tons of payment gateways and add-ons for selling with certain third parties, for example. That’s the benefit of using Woo-Commerce, which is one of the market’s biggest players.

If you want to learn more about Woo-Commerce, check out our infographic below.

WooCommerce Infographic


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