Why You Should Buy Art Online?

Visiting a gallery is great fun, but online offers multiple advantages when making a good purchase. See why you should buy art online

Why You Should Buy Art Online

Visiting a gallery is great fun, but online offers multiple advantages when making a purchase. In this article, you’ll see why you should buy art online.

Many of us don’t go a day without making an online purchase nowadays. Whether it’s the latest cheap gadget on eBay or just getting the weekly shop, buying things online is almost too easy – especially with our current smart devices and browsers which remember our logins, card numbers, everything but a simple three-digit code required to complete the transaction.

Why You Should Buy Art Online

For some people it’s even an addiction – oniomania. And yet, few would deny that on  the whole online shopping has enhanced the daily lives of most people. It’s convenient, it’s discreet, and products often cost less than they would on the high street, too.

Not Everything Was to be Online, Though – Right?

Most mechanics wouldn’t recommend you buy a car without test driving it first. Musical instruments are another famously personal addition to most people’s collections of possessions. High-ticket items such as these – and art – need additional safeguards in place before they can be safe to buy art online.

Cast aside the negatives you immediately associate with buying a car online for a moment. Now consider the massive increased choice found online compared to your local newspaper or second-hand car dealer. Imagine being able to compare several different cars at a stroke. Or perhaps several prices for the same car from multiple dealers.

If you could be to feel safe and secure about buying a car online. Perhaps via a no-quibble refund policy, a 7-day test-drive period. Or funds being in escrow until the vehicle has to you and given the all clear. By your own mechanic – it probably wouldn’t seem like such a bad decision after all.

I’m Still Not Ready About Art, Though….

For many people, purchasing a piece of art is a deeply personal decision. It comes down to emotion. Those who purchase art are often enchanted by the feeling of being inside a gallery. Having the story of each piece explained to them by an enthusiastic dealer.

And yet, modern art online gallery websites are popping up all over the place in 2021. A sharp uptick is occurring, and we can think of more than few reasons why this may be taking place:

Endless Choices to Buy Art Online

If you visit a gallery. So, intending to buy a piece, there is little chance that you will leave that day without one. It’s a natural human trait. Unless there really is nothing at all that catches your eye, you’ll settle for the thing you dislike the least. Buyer’s remorse may well kick in later when you unpack your new painting or sculpture and find. Just as you thought when you chose it – that it simply doesn’t fit with your existing collection.

Along with more choice, buying online also gives you more time to make a decision, too. Galleries such as Eden Fine Art even offer free returns. Just in case the piece doesn’t look quite the way you imagined it after viewing it online.


Online shopping in general is much more simple than shopping in person. Shop at any time, on any day of the year, and receive your new artwork on a day of your choice. Any decent gallery will be sure to package your piece with exquisite care and attention, and insure it for the full value of it’s purchase for total peace of mind. With regular updates on the status of your purchase and free returns, buying art online couldn’t be simpler.

Expert Advice to Buy Art Online

We can’t claim this to be exclusive to online galleries – many of the best land-based galleries have excellent staff working for them too, of course. But the advantage is that if you email an online gallery a question and the person receiving it doesn’t know the answer, there’s an excellent chance they will know somebody who does.

Access to Exclusive Works

Land-based galleries often feature exclusive collections from the world’s best artists. These events are booked months in advance, but that still doesn’t guarantee you will be able to attend. Fortunately, the best modern galleries will be preparing photographs and videos of each piece, too. Visit their website early on the day of the exhibition, and you might just find you can snag your dream Andy Warhol without visiting New York City!

Finally, online galleries allow information to be cross-linked in much the same way as any other website. Find the artists who inspired the creator of a particular piece; who are their proteges? What other works has this artist created? And how much has it previously sold for – if at all?

Be sure to consider the online market when making your next purchase – you might find the experience suits you far better than you imagined!