Why You Should Ditch Icon Images For Fonts

In this article, we'll talk about ditch icon images for fonts; You'll not believe these two are different and can perform differently for you

Why You Should Ditch Icon Images For Fonts

Know why you should ditch icon images for fonts. Icon fonts and images have been in the market for a long time. However, we do not know much about it as we get the icon fonts easily. 

Why You Should Ditch Icon Images For Fonts

Why You Should Ditch Icon Images For Fonts

There is a huge confusion between icon images and icon fonts. You will not believe these two are different and can perform differently for you. 

Are you ready to enter into the controversy? 

Well, this will not be controversial; because at the end of your reading, you will be able to realize that there is no confusion about giving the upper hand to icon fonts. In addition, you can hire an expert or agency for services related to your SEO concerns and site development.

Do you probably think that why not icon images? That might be better? 

Well, we will not answer the question right now. Because before you get to know which is better, you need to understand what icon font and images are!

What is an icon font?

The commercial usage of icon fonts is very popular nowadays. In fact, designers have been using icon fonts rapidly for commercial purposes in the last three years. 

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to generate the size of icon fonts and are vectors. Therefore, if you understand vector graphics, you will understand the preparation of icon fonts. 

Do not get confused. We have an easy understanding for you to deliver. Icon fonts can generate clear images for your website or page. Moreover, No matter what the size of your page is, it will fit every zone, just like water.

To ensure the ever-rising standard of your industry, icon fonts can play a big role. The flexibility and enhanced process, and adjustable standard of icon fonts can show the value of your site.

Do you want to add icon fonts to your WordPress menu bar? You are probably going for the right thing and will be able to do that easily. 

What is an icon image? 

On the other hand, icon images are well used as graphic images to represent your file or commands. Many commercial industries have considered this as wise to use because it can represent you with an image and can be worked as a sign to some brand. 

Icon images also help to open documents and programs easily. And you can use it as a command to open programs with your site. 

As a web developers, many people have liked icon images and considered them the better version of icon fonts. 

But this article will let you understand that there is no necessity for icon images, and you can easily abandon icon images for icon fonts.

Reasons to ditch icon images for fonts

A better-looking version of icon fonts is always accepted over icon images. The reasons you will be able to understand here. If you want to hold the string of your webpage with minimal trouble, you will probably go for the icon fonts.

Responses a developer, you will always want to be visible to the users. If you love your profession, you want to be friendly with the users and let them understand the area with your icon. But the most annoying thing is that your message doesn’t always go to the users properly. 

Do you know why?

Because icon images do not respond to every page easily and do not work properly in every page size, on the other hand, fonts fit every screen size and do not mess with pixel rate. 

Let’s change the perspective here.

You might use different devices to practice your internet usage as a user. Well, that is not the problem. Instead, the problem starts when you realize that every icon is not working or showing properly on all of your devices. 

Changing the device might impact the icon images and not show you correctly what you are up to. In contrast, icon fonts have great adaptability and know exactly what you want. 


This section will also be interesting for you as a developer or site owner. As a site owner, you are a bull behind the traffic and have already used all the tricks and advice to ensure low loading on your website. 

What’s the result? Able to appease the audience? 

We are not an obstacle to your regular tries like mitigating the file sizes and maintaining cleanliness; we understand that they are effective ways too. But think of what is lacking? 

No matter what you did? What quality products or services are you providing? If you are not quick, you will not get the traffic and thus conversion rate as well.

Have you thought about the icon images? Yes, they are also obstacles that you didn’t expect. Icon images take time to load because they analyze the server storage and then appear to you. On the other hand, icon images are smaller in size and thus take very little time to upload. 

If you didn’t know this, it is not late yet.

Their Place

If you are using icon images, then you know that you need presentation elements. Without presentation, icon images cannot work. 

But do you think that presentation elements are necessary for your site content

Well, it’s confusing and depends on your point of view. 

But what about icon font? They do not need any presentation element, do not ponder on other things, and appear to you at the exact time and with the exact content. 

What are you missing?

Well, you are probably missing your website’s smooth usage of icon fonts. Implementing the icon font into your site is a major part, which will deny all the troubles that come across you and your site traffic

Ditch icon images for fonts: To Conclude

After the discussion of the whole content, what do you think? Is there anything you can trust to build icons for your website? Yes! You can believe in the smooth abilities of your icon fonts.

Hey! No one is blocking you from using icon images. Many popular organizations use icon images. But you do not necessarily need to follow such trends, which you cannot maintain. 

Be wise and be smart and be simple. This is the trick for you as a developer of your site. 

As the article ends, we hope we can deliver you adequate information to believe the importance of simple icon fonts for your website. 

Rest is on you, and you are the decider. Please feel free to share your views on this topic. We will applaud your step to increase the intensity of this topic.