Why You Should Start Using a Virtual Data Room Today

Why you should start using a virtual data room today. learn what this solution is for and how it helps companies optimize their business

Updated on July 25, 2022
Why You Should Start Using a Virtual Data Room Today

Know why you should start using a virtual data room today. What chances have you never heard about virtual data rooms or online data storage? And if you are actively involved in any type of business activity, you must have come across this term at least one. You might have also heard that data room software is a high-end business solution. But, you may not know what this solution is for and how it helps enterprises in streamlining their deals.

These are the legitimate questions for you as a business owner – so let’s find answers. In our text, you will be able to learn:

  • What is an electronic data room? Why should you use it?
  • Who are the top virtual data room providers in the market?
  • What is online data room software?

Virtual data room is essentially an online data repository where you can store any type of business or personal data in any globally recognized format. Businesses, firms, entrepreneurs, companies, enterprises, professionals, service providers, and government agencies use data room services as the primary data repository.

Online data room software is also effective for centralized business communications. That said, data rooms have almost all current-day communication tools such as built-in chat messengers, meeting tools (audio and video calling), online polls, group chat threads, Q&A modules, and emails.

Project management tools are amongst the latest data room technologies that allow companies to run important business deals on VDRs. Although the financial sector has been using data rooms for due diligence for over a decade now, modern-day VDRs can facilitate fundraising, initial public offerings, real estate transactions, joint ventures, and other unusual transactions.

Top 5 virtual data room providers

Following are some of the best virtual data room providers in 2022:

  1. iDeals data rooms — Best for M&A and due diligence
  2. Google Workspace — best for remote communication and data sharing
  3. Ansarada — suitable for freelancers, small and medium businesses
  4. DealRoom — best for due diligence
  5. Digify — useful for data sharing and online collaboration

You can also read more about the best virtual data rooms on datarooms.org.

Why should you use data room software?

Simply put, virtual data rooms are useful in many ways. To make it simple for you, here is how you can use an electronic data room.

1 – Safely store your business data in one place

The paper documentation system is almost an obsolete data management method. Businesses nowadays maintain digital databases. But why go for virtual data rooms?

VDRs are cloud-based data management platforms that allow you to keep your business documents in one place. As a result, you can get rid of maintaining different databases for different departments in your firm or company. In a nutshell, using a data room has two major benefits:

  1. You can easily manage your business data if it is kept on a centralized platform.
  2. You can minimize expenses incurred on hardware and human resources required for multiple databases.

In order to avoid unauthorized entries in your data room, you can employ two-step verification for all users. You can remove any user or device from the VDR whenever you want.

2 – Control access to your documents

Now that you have all documents in one place, how can you make sure only relevant personnel in your company have access to them?

Online data rooms allow you to segregate your documents and categorize them as per your needs. In addition, you can upload hundreds of files in one go with the bulk upload feature, and it only takes a few minutes.

Then, you can set access limitations for your data room users as you want. For example, you can restrict any user from accessing any folder, file, or even a specific page in any document.

Similarly, you can use view-only mode to prohibit any user from downloading, editing, saving, copying, or printing any document. Even if the users have downloaded a document, you still revoke document access anytime. In addition to that, you create self-destructing documents.

3 – Keep your business communications safe

Managing remote business teams can be very tricky, especially when it comes to safer communication. Virtual data rooms are mega business solutions that provide safe data management and diverse communication possibilities within a data room.

Your data room users can communicate and share files via built-in chat messengers. In addition, remote business teams can hold their meetings through audio and video calling features.

Modern-day data room vendors also provide Q&A modules and polling and voting tools. And on top of that, virtual data room providers allow you to integrate external communication apps like Slack, Telegram, Zoom, etc., with your data room.

4 – Reduce your administrative expenses

One of the biggest benefits of using a virtual data room is the reduction of administrative overhead. First of all, you can reduce or even eliminate your paper and printing expenses.

Imagine how many documents are printed or re-printed and are not even used. The cost of papers itself is burdensome. You need printers, ink, and other stationery items, but can minimize these expenses via data room software.

Virtual data room: Summing it up

Online data room software is more like a need of the hour. That’s because growing data security concerns, remote working culture, and immense administrative expenses are the challenges that can tackle with VDRs. As a result, it is time for you to take your data management to a new level.