WooCommerce Terms & Conditions

Learn how to create/add WooCommerce terms & conditions page in WordPress shop in an easy method without coding on this guide with extra tips

WooCommerce Terms & Conditions

See in this guide post how to create & add the WooCommerce terms and conditions on the check-out pages of your WordPress online shop in an easy method without coding or using extra plugins.

A Terms and conditions page is significant when selling online. It can protect your business from legal disputes and mismatched expectations, help you comply with the law, and enforce customer agreements. In this article, I will show you how you can add terms and conditions to your WooCommerce checkout page, so a user needs to agree to these terms before purchasing your products.

Why You Must Have Terms and Conditions Page in WooCommerce (or any eCommerce)

A terms and conditions agreement formalizes your company’s and its customers’ relationship. They define the rights and obligations of each party and what happens if the user breaches the terms. While agreement on terms and conditions is not a legal requirement, they are critical to protecting your business.

Adding a Terms of Service agreement to your WooCommerce store is essential because it legally protects you as a store owner.

  • A well-drafted contract limits your legal liability and protects you from certain violations and product failures. In addition, the Terms of Service provide users with clear guidance on what is and is not acceptable. Establishing clear rules and policies helps resolve conflicts by managing user expectations and setting the rights and responsibilities of both parties.
  • Your WooCommerce store almost certainly owns the intellectual property, including brands, trademarks, and patents. Protect your intellectual property by describing precisely what you own and how to protect your intellectual property. Additionally, it is advisable to make users aware of the consequences of misusing your intellectual property.
  • Terms of Service are crucial for WooCommerce stores because they have clear payment and shipping policies. This includes accepted payment methods, how payments are processed, how customer orders are shipped, estimated delivery times, and what happens if an order is lost or damaged.

How to Add WooCommerce Terms & Conditions in WordPress Shop

1. Creating the WordPress WooCommerce Page Guide

Create a new terms and conditions page from your WordPress dashboard for use in WooCommerce shop. Pages > Add New <

Guide Tips WooCommerce Change the Terms and Conditions Text

If you’re using the WordPress Classic editor, you should see a page like the one in the screenshot below, the same process.

WordPress classic editor view pages add new
Terms and Conditions Page – WooCommerce WordPress Plugins

2. Adding The Page

Go to “WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout > Checkout Pages” and select your Terms and Conditions page to create the button.

Plugin Settings Page - WooCommerce WordPress Plugins
Plugin Settings Page – WooCommerce WordPress Plugins

Save your settings.

3. Add the terms and conditions checkbox

dd Terms and Conditions Checkbox

In WooCommerce settings, navigate to Appearance > Customization > WooCommerce > Checkout. Select the terms and conditions page you just created from the list of pages: To save your WooCommerce settings, click Save.

To see the results, go to your front end, add an item to your cart, and go to the checkout page. At the bottom of the shopping cart page, you will find a link and a checkbox for the terms and conditions.

When users go to the checkout page, they must agree to the terms & conditions. They can read it by clicking on the link, which will take them to your pre-configured terms and conditions page.

Checkout Page - WooCommerce WordPress Plugins
Checkout Page – WooCommerce WordPress Plugins

Guide on How to Remove Terms and Conditions in WooCommerce

You can disable the Terms of Service by navigating to **WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout. Then remove the option in the **Terms and Conditions field.

How to Remove Terms and Conditions in WooCommerce

Plugins To Extend The Features

WooCommerce Checkout Terms Conditions Popup By WC Marketplace

You also can add a Pop-up custom function to your shop by using a free WordPress WooCommerce add-on plugin to display it in another way. For it, please download this tool here. WooCommerce Checkout Terms Conditions Popup saves the time and attention of the user who doesn’t want to go anywhere to read terms.

In this plugin, users can customize the popup size, change the title (heading), can make the agreed button as they want. There are lots of options in the admin panel. Where the user can configure plugin appearance.

Terms and Conditions Popup for WooCommerce By BeRocket

The terms and conditions popup for the WooCommerce plugin allows your customers to view the terms and conditions without leaving the checkout page. Terms and conditions greatly benefit users and administrators in terms of liability and security. Moreover, the Popup allows displaying such information in a popup, making inquiries quick and easy. So, check their features:

  • WooCommerce terms and conditions popup
  • Custom height and width for a popup
  • Custom CSS for front-end pages
  • Agree and Deny buttons in popups instead of checkboxes on the page
  • Timer before popup can be closed
  • Custom terms and conditions popup
  • Add terms and conditions to any form of shortcode

If you have some questions or experience, please let us know in the comments section below.