Make sure that all of the links in your content work properly. To do that, you need an easy way to find and fix broken links in WordPress. Because once your website has been live for a while, there is certain maintenance work you’ll need to start carrying out. One such task is this.

A broken link is a link available on a web page that no longer works due to one reason or another. Maybe, the owner removed the web page a link directs to, and it is no longer available.

How to Find and Fix Broken Links in WordPress

WordPress Broken Links - Finding And Fixing Guide

Now that you know what a broken URL is and its side effects. Here is a quick step-by-step manual that you can use to find defective URLs in your site and fix them with ease without checking every page and every link separately.

Installing Broken Links Checker WordPress Plugin

Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin helps you find broken links or missing images in your posts, pages, comments, blogroll and custom fields. In addition, you can use it to prevent search engines from following these leads. So that your search engine rankings aren’t affected until you tackle the problem.

Another cool feature is that you can filter links and edit links directly from the plugin’s page without having to manually update each post. (We’ll get to this later.). This plugin can help you save a lot of time and save your rankings from dumb problems you have no hand with most of the time.

So now, you should go and install it. It’s as easy to install as any other plugin:

  1. Firstly, go to WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add New.
  2. Secondly, type the name “Broken Link Checker” in the search bar.
  3. Finally, click on the install button and activate it.

You could also download the zip file from the plugin’s link, and then upload the zip file to your site either through FTP or in the Add New page. Although, I think the first method is much easier.

Broken URLs Checker is a very resource-intensive plugin. So don’t run this plugin all the time. Once you’ve fixed the links, delete the plugin. Otherwise, it may slow down your site. Broken Link Checker is a plugin by the team at ManageWP that helps you monitor your blog and find broken links.

Broken Links Finding And Fixing (WP Tools Panel)

Once you’ve installed the plugin, go to Tools > Broken Links to start playing with this plugin. The plugin will start looking for broken URLs, and on this page, you will find the defective URLs detected by the plugin. Give it some time to find all the broken URLs.

Check It Out

The next step is very simple. Simply check out every broken link and then choose from the following 5 different options:

  1. Edit URL: Edit the URL directly with a new link.
  2. Unlink: Remove the link and leave the text as is.
  3. Not Broken: When you check that it isn’t broken, and decide to keep it.
  4. Dismiss: Dismiss editing it.
  5. Recheck: If you want the plugin to recheck the link after it has worked again, and so on.

Finally, once you finish the list, you are done. Then just delete the plugin. And install it again after 7 – 8 months and check for broken links again.

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