In today’s article, we’ll share all the functions and features of the business hosting plan review and share If it worth the price. you’re an experienced WordPress user, you’ve probably disregarded hosting your website with However, thanks to the launch of the ‘Business’ plan. Many of the reasons why is in focus as a serious web host has overcome. Such as the ability to use your own plugins and themes, for example. Business Plain Review

Not only that but, in addition to overcoming the drawbacks of hosting your website with, the Business plan also includes some genuinely useful features and functionalities. Moreover, the ability to install premium WordPress themes.

Before we get to the reasons why you may not want to sign up with Business hosting, here are some of the best reasons to consider this option for your website.

Select The Themes and Plugins That You Want

Being able to use any theme you like or install all of the plugins you want may not sound like much to anyone who’s hosts a WordPress website. With companies such as Bluehost, GoDaddy or SiteGround. However, up until relatively recently, if you want to use the hosting services. You were severely limited when it came to which themes and plugins you could use on your website.

Now, though, customers of the Business hosting plan can: search for and install themes and plugins. Directly from within their WordPress dashboard. However, they can also upload themes and plugins from their computer. Including those they’ve purchased directly from other sources, or even ones they’ve created themselves. Let’s move to the next point of the business plan review.

Site Usage Support

Whether you’re new to creating websites or you need some inspiration for your next project, you should find the website creation wizard useful. Although you can use the default WordPress user experience that’s available with self-hosted websites, with hosting, you also get the option of walking through the setup process to launch your site.

The checklist makes it easy to see what tasks. What still needs to be done to help you to launch your new site. As well as the helpful checklist, the wizard also lays the foundation for your site. Asking what type of project you’re working on. Throughout the wizard, the live chat icon appear. Giving you a quick way to get help from the support staff should you need it. Business Plan Performance Test and Review

Pure page speed isn’t the only metric we looked at for our Business plan review. We also wanted to know how well the sites hosted on this plan could handle multiple visitors accessing them at the same time. As our test sites don’t actually receive any traffic, we used the Load Impact service to simulate multiple visitors accessing the site simultaneously.

This level of performance compares well with the results from the same Load Impact tests. It puts the Business plan in the same category as the similarly priced entry-level plans. From those two managed WordPress hosts. When it comes to the ability to handle a load of multiple users simultaneously accessing the site.


  • The best option for a blogging website – has specific templates and features to make your blog a success.
  • An abundance of features – you get tons of tailored features designed to make building and running a blog easier.
  • Sensible prices – you can build and publish your blog for free, or choose to upgrade for more advanced features.


  • Too many templates for blogging – you’ll struggle if you want to build anything other than a blog.
  • Not very beginner-friendly – although is more beginner-friendly than, you’ll still need to know some code to get the most out of it.

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