WordPress Free Dropbox Plugins To Backup

In this article, we'll share and explore the top WordPress free Dropbox plugins to save your website. As a good and safe backup solution.

Updated on July 25, 2022
WordPress Free Dropbox Plugins To Backup

This article will share and explore the top WordPress free Dropbox plugins to save your website. As a right and safe backup solution. Most Dropbox WordPress plugins enable you to connect your website to your chosen cloud storage solution and use it to sync your backups. Although that might sound like overkill, if it saves your website at least once, then it’s definitely worth the effort.

Top WordPress Free Dropbox Plugins

Most web hostings will offer you some site backup solution. So, you might get automatic daily or weekly backups, as well as the option to restore them in one click (which we love!). Although that might sound like it’s enough, conventional wisdom says that you should never rely on a single backup solution.

WooCommerce Dropbox

The Dropbox for WooCommerce augmentation free WordPress plugins gives you the force and usability of serving your downloadable items through the Dropbox foundation. Effectively pick a record from your Dropbox account through the look over Dropbox catch, and the module will do the rest.

Dropbox has usage limits on public links when using a free, pro, or business account. Please be aware of this limitation before you use this plugin. Free report: 20GB per day or 100,000 downloads before the link automatically expires. Pro or Business account: 200GB per day before the link automatically expires (no limit on the number of downloads)

UpdraftPlus: WordPress Free Dropbox Plugins

The UpdraftPlus plugin, one of our Dropbox WordPress plugins. Firstly. UpdraftPlus provides you with a broad range of backup storage options on our Dropbox WordPress plugins list, including cloud solutions, manual downloads, and even email.

Using it, you can schedule automatic backups or create copies of your website manually whenever you want. The plugin gives you full control over what to include in your backups, and it even has a debugging mode. Plus, restoring UpdraftPlus backups is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

UpdraftPlus enables you to use Dropbox as a storage solution for your WordPress website copies. However, it also supports other services, including Google Drive, Amazon S3, and many more.


A free backup plugin that lets you save your backups to Dropbox. An excellent free alternative is BackWPup, which also creates a complete backup of your WordPress site and can store it on your Dropbox account.

You can schedule your backups based on how frequently you update your website. BackWPup will take care of keeping them on your Dropbox cloud storage. To create a new backup job, click on Add New Job in the expanded BackWPup left sidebar menu. Then, on the next screen, select Add new.

On the General tab under Job Name, call the backup whatever you’d like. Your site name is the most logical choice, but you can choose anything. This name will only be for identification purposes, nothing else.