Some days ago one of our clients ask me, Do WordPress plugins affect site speed? Great question. To sum it up: plugins may affect website speed and according to the plugins it can affect the site load speed a lot. it depends on the way that the pçlugins are developed, the code quality, plugins size, and files that this plugin load.

Do WordPress Plugins Affect Site Speed?

Do WordPress Plugins Affect Site Speed - slow
Do WordPress Plugins Affect Site Speed – Slow Load


Yes, The reason is that there is more code involved in the infrastructure, therefore you need to have that shrunk in order for your website to run fast. Naturally, a slower website would rank lower on SERPs than a faster site, where the average is 2–3 seconds (especially since over 60% of traffic to websites is mobile-oriented). You can read more on this checklist.

You should choose your plugins wisely and reject the ones that keep your website slower. Only keep active the plugins that you really are using and delete any other that you aren’t using.  It’s not just the plugins though; images, videos, etc can also slow down your website. The less you upload to your website and the more you embed instead – the better.

Do WordPress Plugins Affect Site Speed - increase info graphic
Do WordPress Plugins Affect Site Speed – increase infographic


How to Keep Plugins in Control?

The most important thing you can do on your WordPress site is to only use plugins that are well coded, have good reviews, and are recommended by trusted sources. If you find that a WordPress plugin is affecting your site’s load, then look for a better plugin that does the same job but better. Next, you need to start using caching and CDN to further improve your site’s performance and speed.

Another factor you should consider is your website hosting. If your hosting servers are not properly optimized, then it will increase your site’s response time. This means that not just plugins, but your site’s overall performance will be slower. Make sure you are using one of the best WordPress hosting companies.

As a last resort, you can uninstall plugins that you can live without. Carefully review the installed plugins on your website, and see if you can uninstall some of them. This is not an ideal solution as you will have to compromise on features for speed.

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