Creating a reusable block in WordPress is relatively simple, in this guide we’ll explain how to create a WordPress reusable block and the best way to use it. Inside any post that you are editing with the Block Editor. Which is a default in WP 5.x unless you’re using the Classic Editor plugin.

So, you can make any block you want reusable. Click on the three dots dropdown in the block’s hover settings and select Add to Reusable Blocks.

WordPress Reusable Blocks Guide

WordPress Reusable Blocks Guide

The WordPress editor will prompt you to name the new block for retrieval later. Finally, make sure that you name it something memorable for the function it will serve on your site. Such as Related Posts or Cover Image for Blog Posts or something equally descriptive.

If you make a mistake when you create the reusable block. Or simply made a mistake in creating it. You can click on the dropdown settings again and click Remove from Reusable Blocks. As a result, this option clears the entire block from the database, and you can repeat the process above to re-add it to the collection if you want it.

In addition, you can simply click the block itself once it has been saved to find the Edit button. For the Paragraph block in this example, The block gives you the option to rename it.

Each block’s adjustments will be different, however. For an image block, you get additional options such as inserting another file from your media library or uploading a new one, as well as an alignment or URL link.

Reusable image options: This process works with all reusable blocks you create. But keep in mind that any edits you make to a reusable block in this manner apply to all other instances of that block on your site. So if you change the image in one block, the new image will appear everywhere.

Blocks in WordPress Editor Management

After using reusable blocks for a while, you may have some blocks that you don’t use anymore or some blocks that you want to rename. Gutenberg Editor allows you to easily manage all your reusable blocks from one screen.

To manage your blocks, click on the add block button and then locate the Reusables tab. You’ll see a link to manage your reusable blocks page. Manage the reusable blocks link.

Finally, clicking on the link will bring you to the block management page. From here, you can edit, delete, export, and import your blocks.

Edit/Update Reusable Block

After adding your block to another post, you can also edit your reusable block. However, do remember that changing a reusable block will change it on all the locations where it’s on.

Moreover, if you do want to edit a reusable block for one post, you can convert it into a regular block.

To do this, click on the three-dot menu in the toolbar and select the ‘Convert to Regular Block’ option. This will convert the reusable block into a regular block just for that post.

In conclusion, you can then edit this block without affecting the original reusable block and the other locations where it is used.

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