WordPress Tips and Tricks All Students Should Know

Today students use lots of instruments to make learning more pleasurable. See the top WordPress tips and tricks all students should know.

WordPress Tips and Tricks All Students Should Know

Today students use lots of instruments to make learning more pleasurable and less difficult. Apart from turning to expert writers and professional services for original essays like those at WriteMyPaperHub.com to have your papers written, they also strive to excel at the organization of studies or automatize boring processes. Many of these functions are carried out by additional plugins and themes at WordPress. In this article, you’ll see the top WordPress tips and tricks all students should know.

WordPress Tips and Tricks All Students Should Know

The platform WordPress is known to power nearly 30% of all websites on open spaces of the Internet. The more recent data tell us this number has already exceeded a third of all the websites. We are fortunate to have such a convenient tool with various themes, connection tools, and plugins to create visually attractive web pages, fill them with good and comprehensive content, and quickly exchange messages.

Now, you might be thinking, ‘How will I benefit from WordPress? I am no blogger and am not going to become one. This question is the right thing to ask since with using WordPress, you could uncover endless abilities for both your studies and personal use. How exactly?

  • WordPress facilitates communication: Tips and tricks for students

Live chats for instant messaging, form plugins, question and answer sections – all of it can help you solve your tasks quicker. The most popular plugins for a live chat include Quick Chat, Chat by WPMU, and Live Chat for multiple platforms. All of them are showing high results and are valuable for building up your interactions.

  • Education themes help you learn better.

Themes such as LearnMate will come in handy if you are involved in the student society and need to create a niche website to match your college’s needs. The Solid Education theme is also very flexible and allows participation from any device. Other valuable themes include Divi, Educlever, Neve, AcademyPro, Academist, Supervise, etc.

  • It lets you create impressive designs with no programming skills.

When it comes to some design solutions which don’t require knowing a lot, we cannot think of any other instrument offering such nice themes and visuals. Still, if your experience allows you to customize WordPress according to your needs, you might find it even more outstanding as a tech advanced folk.

This testifies how useful WordPress might turn out for college students. Still, it’s not the end – there are other ways to excel at studies with the platform.

6 Tips to Use When Learning with WordPress: Beginner-Friendly Tricks

To make the most of your online learning, which is highly desirable in the light of current events in the world, you should remember a few secrets of successful WordPress usage.

1 Learn programming and design with smart tools: WordPress tips and tricks for students

Even if you’re not launching a website for your college or university, having a comprehensive web page as a personal blog is still important. With a theme like Neve, students of technical disciplines can indulge in collaboration activities, work on projects, and even pass tests as the whole group gets there. There is also an undo and a redo option, inline editing of text, and CSS control for advanced usage.

2 Use WordPress for the integration of accounts and sharing.

WordPress has got the function of fast and easy sharing, and if you don’t use it, you might be missing the riches it offers. Links accessed through unique passwords and visible to many collaborators provide greater freedom and ease of online learning, especially as a group.

3 Make use of WordPress collaborative tools: WordPress tips and tricks for students

As a student, you might be wondering how to make the project work less time-consuming. With a network created by WordPress, your progress will be visible to fellow students or teachers, all the data will remain secure, and the results will be easier to assess. Campus Press is another tool for using WordPress in education.

4 Pay attention to tutoring plugins.

Extensions such as Tutor LMS by Themeum are free tools for running courses. It also contains other important features where you can learn from someone else’s courses or create quizzes, getting assessed automatically. Self-paced courses with Sensei and LearnPress plugins also belong to the best ones. If you are looking for an on-a-budget version, LearnPress and Sensei will be just enough.

5 Give way to better organization: WordPress tips and tricks for students

Another category of open-source plugins that bring positive changes into students’ daily routine is planners. Le Press, for instance, is an incomparable helper for making your learning personalized and distributing tasks. You can conveniently create to-do lists, track your progress in different courses simultaneously. Use it for both learning and teaching. BadgeOS, meanwhile, goes beyond that – it lets you make leaderboards, see awarded points. So, do your homework in the form of a game.

6 Usage of remembering tools.

If flashcards are long forgotten in your study routine, quicker get down to the Flashcard plugin for WordPress. Where 3d animation reversible cards will serve you as constant reminders. This especially makes sense for language learners or students who try to retain certain formulas or patterns.

As we have proven above in this article, using WordPress for improving your studies is not difficult. Moreover, never requires knowing anything advanced about this platform. Just have the desire, try out these tools, and these tricks will change your learning for the better.