WordPress is a platform that is easy to use and has a lot of features that can make a website achieve its full potential. Websites are primarily used for business, and WordPress helps you with everything you need to get your business running. It offers a unique custom domain name so you don’t have to settle for the standard domain. It is vital that your website is professionally designed so that you can attract your target market and gain serious revenue. Take the following WordPress and web design Dubai tips to successfully attract the local audience.

Web Design Dubai

WordPress Web Design Dubai
WordPress Web Design Dubai


Understand UAE Customers

The first thing to do is to understand your target market. The people in the UAE have the following characteristics:

  • Family oriented, so they tend to purchase things that the whole family can benefit from.
  • They are not very fond of taking risks in making any transaction.
  • Avoid anything that will create conflict or threat.
  • Their decisions are mostly influenced by their religious beliefs, and being an Islamic country, the big and major decisions are made by males and anything related to the household is made by the females.

Knowing the UAE culture will help in running your business in this country as you can tailor your marketing to fit their needs and inclinations.

Create a Website Design Fit for UAE Customers

Creating a web design Dubai residents will appreciate will be the most important part of your business in Dubai. Although Dubai is a very modern country, digital marketing and online shopping are not yet widely patronized. They are very reluctant in purchasing online from foreign countries, so this is going to be a big challenge. Most people still shop in stores than online.

If you want to make it big in the online industry in Dubai, you will have to come up with creative ideas that will make them interested in looking at your website and encourage them to shop online. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Your website design should not be too flashy and extravagant.
  • It should be a little conservative and very trustworthy.
  • You should hire a web design company Dubai will accept; in other words, hire a local web designer who knows the needs and preferences of the Emirati people.

Use Social Media

WordPress Web Design Dubai
WordPress Web Design Dubai


What else could be a better avenue than social media? Social media is something that the people in Dubai has already embraced as they are more open to platforms that offer two-way communication – they want to receive an immediate response when they make an inquiry. You can get your audience’s attention by doing the following:

  • Use the right WordPress themes. Work with your website designer to come up with the most appropriate one that suits your products and the target market you are aiming for.
  • Create a Facebook account as most people in Dubai use Facebook than any other social media platform. Build an attractive and engaging Facebook page where you can welcome your potential customers. Create posts about your product or service and inject your website’s URL to lead your customers to your WordPress site.

Use Local SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, aims to get your website on top of the search engine results so that people can find you easily. If your website is more visible online, you will get more website traffic, and traffic is what you need to make people aware of your business. Here’s how you can implement SEO on your website:

  • Use keywords that a local would use to make your website visible. The Internet has become a significant part of almost half of Dubai’s population, and Google is their primary tool in searching for anything.
  • Publish blogs that contain relevant and relatable content. The population in Dubai are still very much into reading articles, so this is where you can spend most of your time. Exert extra effort in making your contents more appealing and informative – your readers should have a takeaway each time they read your articles. This is one way of establishing customer loyalty and brand trustworthiness.

Dubai has a very diverse demographic. Some are extremely old fashioned and conservative, and some are unbelievably modern. A good understanding of their culture and how they approach digital marketing will help you in making your WordPress website appealing to your local market in Dubai.

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