Working With a Digital Marketing Agency Vs. Hiring In House

Working with a digital marketing agency vis-à-vis hiring in-house is one of the questions many companies have had for a very long time.

Updated on July 25, 2022
Working With a Digital Marketing Agency Vs. Hiring In House

Hiring a digital marketing agency vis-à-vis hiring in-house is one of the questions many companies have had to grapple with for a very long time. The two approaches to marketing have both merits and demerits. For instance, in-house marketing is expensive and does not bring in the professional aspect, as is when working with a digital agency.

Besides, hiring a digital agency enables the company’s employees to focus on the core of their business, which improves productivity. Here is a point-to-point analysis of the two options.

Working With a Digital Marketing Agency Vs Hiring In House

  1. Cost Working Digital Marketing Agency

The total cost of hiring a full-time marketer is high if we consider the monthly salary that must be paid.  Besides, a full house employee will need some working space, use utilities, and is entitled to allowances, including a paid leave. It is expensive compared to hiring a digital marketing agency contracted to run the marketing activities for a certain period.

Also, you must provide the full-time marketer with the tools and the resources they need to mount the campaign. This is not the case when you hire a digital marketing agency. Such agencies have their own resources and equipment needed for the campaigns.

  1. Experience and skills

In-house marketing relies on a few individuals who may not have the latest information in the marketing field. But when you engage a digital marketing firm, you will have access to a pool of talent cheaply and gain from well-researched and experience gathered from working with a range of companies.

It allows them to discover innovative ideas that help them take their marketing activities a notch higher.  Also, a digital marketing agency employs professionals from a range of disciplines. They are better to mount a successful campaign than an in-house employee who is a monthly salary.

  1. Benefit from Specialization

Marketing agencies have a team of employees specializing in different aspects of marketing. Some specialize in SEO, Facebook ads, and Google ads, while others carry out social media marketing. But when you hire in-house, you are likely to end up with one person doing all the tasks by themselves.

They handle all the marketing aspects, and so they may not enjoy the benefits of specialization. Besides, they are likely not to be thorough in whatever they do. For instance, they may not know what to include in websites to provide an exceptional user experience. Neither will they know how to optimize a site to enhance voice search.

Control Working Digital Marketing Agency

It isn’t easy to control a digital marketing agency the way you could do to an in-house marketing team. Besides, an in-house team knows your products well and understands the values the company upholds.

At this point, the benefits of hiring a digital marketing firm are more compared to having an in-house team. But if your values and ethos are what matters to you, hiring in-house marketing employees could be the best option for you.