World Of WordPress is one of the best WordPress recourses sites on the web, of course, there’s a lot of work behind it’s amazing feed aggregator project. so, we prepare this interview questions so you can know more about this brand, we’ll see the history of this great internet company that’s is helping the WordPress world by helping the WordPress users selecting good sources of information and the WP-bloggers as well, by showing their articles.

World of WordPress Interview

Who you are? What do you do?

My name is Ronald Heijnes, 53, and happily married. I live in Gemert, a small village in the Netherlands and some parts of the year in an even smaller village in France. I have been an application manager for nearly 30 years now. I have been working with WordPress for nearly a decade. Everything regarding WordPress is done in my spare time.

I manage a few company websites and I am quite busy with my latest project: World of WordPress. I blog about my experiences with WordPress and related on WebID.

World of WordPress - Logo Webid
World of WordPress – Logo Webid


Who’s Behind Your company?

Mainly it’s just me.

What made you want to start your business?

In 2005 I started managing the website of my wife. A HTML-based website, that was built and maintained with Dreamweaver. Because we wanted a website that was easier to maintain, I started to look around for better alternatives. After using CMS Made Simple for a while, I discovered WordPress. That discovery was the start of a long lasting relationship with a CMS that has unlimited possibilities!

At first I thought it might be a nice business opportunity to design and maintain WordPress websites and possibly say goodbye to my 9 to 5 job. That didn’t quite work out for me. But I still maintain a few websites and did some interesting projects over the years. And learned a lot about WordPress, the pro’s but also the con’s (not that there many con’s). In fact the learning still goes on, because WordPress and everything related doesn’t stop developing.

World of WordPressWorld of WordPress


What was the biggest challenge in starting your own business?

The competition and the lack of some skills. There are many more designers and developers out there. Many of them are better than I am. That made me realize I had to do something different, like starting my own projects. Trying to do something unique, keep up with all developments and share my knowledge and findings with the WordPress community.

Who helped you and how did they play a role in shaping the direction of your business?

My biggest help is my wife. She helps me sometimes with designing and gives me the space to do what I like to do. And a few people in the big world of WordPress gave me the necessary feedback. They also made me realize that coding isn’t my thing.

How long have you been developing/designing?

It has been over ten years now in total, and eight years of working with WordPress.

What is your design/development philosophy?

Keep it simple. Use what is needed, no more, no less. Too many websites are loaded with features that aren’t used, just because they came with the theme or the plugins. Be selective in what you use.

What advice do you have for other designers/developers just starting out?

WordPress is the most used CMS in this world. From amateur to multinational, from one-page websites to huge news websites. Focus on what you are good at, be prepared to learn every day. And be aware of everything that comes with producing a fully functional website that is good looking, safe, findable and worth visiting more than once. The competition is huge!

Many books are written about starting a business. Do not read them all. Do what you are good at, make sure people notice it and make them want to pay for your services.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Most of my WordPress activities are done in my spare time, so I don’t have a lot left! Although I like to think of myself as a WordPress professional, it doesn’t pay the bills for me. Besides that I like to listen to music, watch English detectives, I am a fan of NCIS, I love cars and try to spend my scarce real spare time in France.

It’s amazing to see how important and good a one-person work can become, all our Visualmodo team would like to congrats Ronald for his amazing job! That’s it, feel free to use the comments section below in the case that you want to share anything and also follow our friend of World of WordPress in their Twitter profile.

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