When you’re trying to learn all the tricks for writing successful content, you get rather simple rules to follow:

  • Post regularly
  • Maintain the high quality
  • Call the readers to action

Yeah… you tried all that. Everyone tries all that. Still, like most other websites, yours is still anonymous to the general audience. Is there something you’re not being told?

The point is in being seductive. The seduction factor makes all the difference between lousy books that sell because of their descriptions and great books that no one notices because of an unattractive sales copy.

3 Secrets to Writing Successful Content for Your Website

3 Secrets to Writing Successful Content for Your Website
3 Secrets to Writing Successful Content for Your Website


Maybe you’re not a “seductive” person and that’s okay. You can learn to be a seductive copywriter. You just need to know the secret of writing content that gets attention. Today, we’ll share three of those secrets.

  • Write for Your Ideal Reader

Imagine you have a small store (a real one). This person loves your store and they constantly buy from you, even though they could leave their money with successful competitors. What attracts this person to your business? It’s probably because you offered something that fits their preferences. This is your ideal buyer, who chooses your brand because it delivers what they are looking for.

When you’re focused on content writing, you have to focus on that ideal member of your audience. This doesn’t mean you’ll be writing solely for that person. It means you’ll be addressing a reader in a friendly, confidential tone. It means you’ll learn as much as possible about this reader and you’ll write the content for them.

So how do you find this perfect imaginary reader?

That’s a process called buyer persona development. In this case, however, you’ll be creating your reader persona.

  • First of all, think about the demographics. What’s the age, level of education, income, gender, and family circumstances of this person?
  • What goals do they have? What issues do they face? How can you help them solve those issues?
  • What keeps this person awake at night? What keeps this person engaged when browsing online?
  • What questions do they ask?

When you write, you’ll be developing content for this persona. You will think of things that would make them laugh or think. You’ll answer their questions and you’ll know how to use the right dose of flattery to keep them happy.

Why is this important? Such an approach changes your mindset to copywriting. When you’re addressing a particular persona (although imaginary), you become more convincing, specific, and interesting in your writing. Focused might be the right word we’re looking for in this situation.

  • Keep It Simple

It doesn’t matter whether your target persona is highly intellectual; they are still looking for a digestible message when they spend time reading blogs. Think about it: who would like making efforts to understand the message of a blog post?

People are not looking for Marcel Proust when they use the net. They are after effective learning or mere fun. Whatever the case is, they want simple content that answers their needs.

The keep it simple rule is not solely relevant to the writing style. Yes; your sentences should be clear and easy to read, and the paragraphs should be short. However, you should also make the topics simple. If, for example, you’re writing a blog from the organic cosmetics niche, you cannot expect to dazzle a large audience by using insider terms and industry acronyms. You’ll have to choose educational topics that range from beginner to intermediate to advanced.

The problem is: you always think your message is easy to understand since you’re the one who wrote that content. When someone else reads it, however, they might find it too long or too complex. That’s why it’s important to rely on an essay writing company that offers editing assistance.

If you don’t want to invest in professional editing, the least you could do is run your content through Hemingway App to make sure it’s readable enough before it goes online.   

  • Find and Deliver Your Value Proposition

It’s time to talk about the most protected secret of successful copywriting: value proportion. You’re getting hints about it all the time. Everyone is telling you that content is the king and you must make it great if you want to attract more readers. But they are not telling you the specifics.

In its simplest definition, value proposition is “a business or marketing statement that a company uses to summarize why a consumer should buy a product or use a service.”

In your case, the definition of value proposition would be slightly altered. It’s a statement that summarizes why a reader should go through your content and follow your call to action. You must guarantee that you’ll solve the problem in a better way or you’ll add more value when compared to similar offerings.

The value proposition is basically your conversation starter. Imagine meeting your ideal reader in an elevator and pitching your latest blog post. Why should they read it? What value do you offer? Make a proposition they cannot resist!

The value proposition is consisted of few important elements:

  • A great headline, which states what the content is about. Click baits do not work! The headline must clearly hint the essential message and value of your content.
  • One or few subheadings. We know that the attention span of the online audience is not impressive. Most visitors at your website will be skimmers. They want to see something that would get their attention, so they could keep reading your text. The subheadings will offer an additional value proposition.
  • Bullet points are also important. Since the reader is in a hurry, they want to see if you’re actually delivering the value you promised. They don’t have the time to read the entire content just to see that. They will search for clear and concise points.

If you deliver an irresistible value proposition, you’ll certainly get the attention of more visitors.

Seduction Is the Secret

When we say that your copy should be seductive, we don’t mean that you should send a mysterious message that no one understands. You have to understand what your ideal reader is looking for, and you must offer that value through a simple message. That’s the ultimate secret to writing successful content.

Are you ready to try?  



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