All social media platforms have a complicated system that makes them work as they do. It consists of many things, including the algorithms that regulate the matters of gaining popularity online. YouTube has one of the most complex and developed algorithm systems amongst other social networks. And since their alliance with Google, and further development of technologies as well, the mechanics have improved much.  In this article, we want to tell you, why the views you get on YouTube matter a lot and how to make the algorithm that gathers and analyzes the information about your stats work for your popularity.

What This Algorithm Actually Does

Youtube Algorithm Why Do You Need Many Real Views

The system that we talk about in this text, is used for rendering the content that will be shown to the viewers. It gathers information about:

  • Average watch time
  • Click-through rate
  • Genres and types of content
  • Level of engagement (likes, comments, etc.)
  • Feedback and reaction on the content

Basing on these characteristics, the algorithm builds up a “portrait” of you and suggests the content that can pick your interest, thus making you stay longer within the platform. With that algorithm, YouTube is determining what will appear on your Home, Trending, Suggested video, Search, and Subscriptions pages. Simply talking, the AI that consists of a certain number of neural networks, is matching a user with his preferred content.

For the ones who seek popularity online, that means that they have to think about how to increase their stats to make their content visible as much as possible. And even though in latest years YouTube is changing the priority of metrics in their system, the real views that you get, still matter a lot. Why do you ask?  The big number of views works as an indicator of social approval. The easiest way to do that is to buy 100 YouTube views (or any other number suitable for you) for example, on This method is good to drive the attention of your potential followers and increase your rates within the algorithm of Youtube.

Hacks To Improve Your Reach And Beat The Algorithm

Hacks To Improve Your Reach And Beat The Algorithm

Be Accurate In Your Texts

As we know, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. It means that if you want to get as many real views as you expect, you will have to put some effort into writing your titles, descriptions, captions, and hashtags. Search optimization will significantly improve your results.

But don’t overthink this. You need to pick relevant keywords and write bigger descriptions, yet that is easy to understand.

Youtube Algorithm Views: Check Your Keywords

Keywords are serving for search engines. They help people to find you, and they make you discoverable. To make sure that you are on the right path, use the feature of the Search report which indicates the most popular words for search. You will see if you are missing something. Remember that adding too many keywords, that are not relevant to your niche can cause a bad affect on your rates, as people will stop watching your videos in the first seconds.

Add Subtitles To Your Video

With the rising usage of mobile devices for watching videos, this feature makes more and more sense. People often want to watch something on-the-go, while riding the bus or train. So the soundless watching (in order not to irritate other people on this bus) becomes more common. Yeah, and the headphones are a good thing but sometimes you need your hearing for other things. Like, not missing your stop. Of course, YouTube is able to generate automatic subtitles for some languages, but your own text will provide a much more accurate result.

Youtube Algorithm Views: Encourage Your Viewers To Watch The Video Till The End

One of the important metrics for the YouTube algorithm is the average time that is spent watching the video. The logic is obvious – if people are watching the video from start to finish, it means that this content is good. So your task is to make your video interesting and engaging till its end. Carefully spread the valuable points of your content through the length of your video.

Tip: use cards, links, watermarks, or logos that will be shown at the end of your video.

Make Playlists

Making a series of videos and combining them into playlists will bring you more views for sure. This feature manipulates human laziness. People would rather do nothing for these four seconds than take the mouse and click to close the video. Why do that, if it automatically continues to deliver content? So use that fact to significantly increase your rates for the YouTube algorithm.

Youtube Algorithm Views Conclusion

YouTube algorithm is a complicated machine that sorts and categorizes content. Its main job is to make sure that the user will spend a lot of time on the platform, clicking, watching, leaving likes, dislikes, and comments, scrolling through… To make this artificial intelligence work for you, you need to follow the tips above. But the main rule to remember is – create a worthy content, that is useful, original, entertaining, and educating. Producing high-quality videos can be hard, but the end result beats everything. Making the best content will make the algorithm work for you in a very effective way.

In this article, we gathered for you the main things to keep your mind on, but remember that your popularity on any social network requires a big dose of charisma and self-development too.

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