How To Change Post URL In WordPress Without Losing Ranking - change

How To Change Post URL In WordPress Without Losing Ranking

Changing URL of an old post is something that I never wanted to do. What if the post loses ranking from Google. I have had this feeling when it comes to changing an existing URL. See how to change post URL without losing ranking. In the post, On-Page SEO Checklist, I’ve mentioned...

Closed Comments on posts and how to fix

How to Fix Closed Comments Problem in WordPress

How to Fix Closed Comments Problem in WordPress? Recently I’ve noticed that some of my old posts show that ‘Comments on this entry are closed’ that means visitor won’t be able to comment on those posts. But I didn’t disable the comments option or any other setting. How to Fix...

Best FTP Client Softwares For WordPress

Best FTP Client Softwares For WordPress

Why you need FTP client programmes? Often times, you’ll require making changes or updates to your WordPress files. Since all the files are kept on the web server, you’ll need to connect to the server to access your files. There are two different ways following which you can get your...

How To Optimize Blog Post SEO?

How To Optimize Blog Post SEO?

How to optimize blog post SEO? Content writing should be a key element of every SEO strategy. How do you make sure your blog posts have the highest chance to rank well in Google? What are the successive steps you’ll need to take? In this post, I’ll take you back to...

What is SAAS? Things You Need To Know

In recent years, more and more businesses are open to the internet tools, services, and internet infrastructure and purchasing (or more accurately, renting ) SaaS services. From online invoicing, customer management and lead generation through CRM, to lease servers. So What’s SAAS? [caption id="attachment_60994" align="aligncenter" width="543"] SAAS[/caption]   SaaS – short...

Common Contact Page Mistakes

Common Contact Page Mistakes

See the most common contact page mistakes in design and creation and how to avoid it. If your business website’s goal is to get in touch with (potential) customers, you should avoid a number of contact page mistakes. Here, we’ll mention the mistakes we find most annoying. And we’re not...

Webdesign Trends That Will Keep You Inspired In 2018

Webdesign Trends That Will Keep You Inspired In 2018

Every new year brings new opportunities, new business ideas, and new trends - and the world of web design is no different. As technology is evolving, web design is evolving right along with it, and the upcoming year is poised to be one of the most exciting and visually impactful...

Spark WordPress Theme - Multi-Purpose Responsive by Visualmodo

Best Photography WordPress Theme

See the best photography WordPress theme so your photos site build. Your photos are no doubt striking and captivating, but in order to for them to achieve maximum impact online, your website must have a design that does them justice. With the plethora of themes out there to choose from,...

How To Make Faster WordPress Sites

How To Make Faster WordPress Sites

See now how to make your faster WordPress sites! Website speed is a big deal. It has a direct influence on the chances of a visitor returning, conversion rates, customer satisfaction levels, and even the chances of your website ranking well in search engines, like Google. In short, your website...

What To Do When Your WordPress Site Breaks - Plugins Issue

What To Do When Your WordPress Site Breaks

See know what to do when your WordPress site breaks because of some plugin. WordPress plugin troubleshooting and figuring out what to do when your site breaks aren’t things general WordPress users want to deal with, but they’re inevitable when you use the platform on a regular basis. What To...

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