Instagram Stories have become a very successful enterprise on their own. How so? It is hard to imagine 300 million people every day looking at short, ephemeral pieces of content. However, that is exactly what is happening with Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories Promoting Business

How can one use this statistic to promote their business? Here are some examples of successful businesses using innovation and creative thinking to get some of that action.

Country Road is a well-known brand for good quality clothing and accessories. How did they use Instagram-Stories to promote a new area of their business?

Ways That Instagram Stories Can Promote Your Business
Ways That Instagram Stories Can Promote Your Business


They created “Capsule”, a limited edition of clothing styles on offer that will never be repeated. Capsule’s styles are unique, emphasizing design, fabrications, and silhouettes. The capsule was promoted using Instagram-Stories and was a great success with a 409 thousand audience reach, and 83 thousand views of 3-second videos, resulting in an 18 times return on advertising spend.

Conor McGregor, the famous UFC champion, was used in an Instagram-Stories promotion for his teeth! A teeth whitening company HiSmile put a campaign together to reach younger men. It worked very well just by using his smile. The campaign reached 14 million young men aged between 18 to 24. HiSmile saw a 90% increase in male customers and 5 times return on advertising spending.

Best Practices

Obviously, people are very attracted to these cleverly put together Instagram Stories. They are easily discoverable through hashtags, even if a user is not following that particular Instagram account.

An Instagram Story only last for 24 hours for the season that this means there is no “best time” to start your campaign. However, there are no limits to how often you can create Instagram Stories. You can promote several different campaigns at the same time so, they overlap each other.

With Instagram Stories, users can “swipe-up” if they would like to know more and follow a link. This allows the user to engage directly with the brand’s website. If users are aware of your brand because of Instagram Stories but are unsure whether your brand has a local shop, a geotagged location can help the user find out the location of your shop.

What areas can Instagram Stories help your business?

Find out in this infographic:

Ways That Instagram-Stories Can Promote Your Business

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