How to use Infobox Element In WordPress

In this tutorial on Visualmodo knowledge base, we will show how to create and use an Infobox Element In WordPress with our Visual Elements Plugin. Before all make sure you have the Visual Elements plugin activated on your site. as soon as you activate the Visualmodo theme you receive a message at the top of your dashboard asking for install the plugin and this plugin will add more elements to your page builder, today we will talk about the INFOBOX, please take a look in an example of the page with infobox element

To start using the infobox element in WordPress you need to go on any page and open the page builder elements, back-end or front-end editor > add element (+) > select the tab called ‘Visual Elements’ and Click on ‘InfoBox’ element.

A window will open so you can fully edit this section, adding the title, content, selecting the icon and even choosing the typography style you want also. in each tab of the icon box editor you will apply your style. You can add this element in a row section visual composer element to apply it in columns layouts as an example of the image below.

Note: in the case you want more icons to select you can upload your own icons pack on the .zip format, to build it please go to and build your icons pack, after that go to your WordPress Dashboard > Visual Elements > Icons Manager > Add icons <. (some hosts do not allow .zip uploads and in this case, you will see an error message, you can fix it easily by contacting your host support and ask for an enable to .zip upload in WordPress installation.

How to use the Infobox Element In WordPress- By Visualmodo

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